How to Save on Integrated Fridge Freezers

How to Save on Integrated Fridge Freezers

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Integrated fridge freezers have become an integral makeup of most modern kitchens. With their aid, the thought of owning a separate freezer and refrigerator has been eliminated.

Aside from solving that headache, there are other advantages of having such an appliance. You can find other people’s opinions on this on platforms like BritainReviews.

With that said, integrated fridge freezers will save you some space that wouldn’t be there if you had chosen to own separate fridges and freezers. Also, this means the electricity consumption rate is minimal, even though they will still consume more energy than other home appliances.

However, such an innovative item is quite an expensive piece, but the inherent dividends of owning one make it worthwhile. But then, there are ways to save up costs. These tips will be shown below. Meanwhile, if you want to get an integrated fridge freezer in the UK, reading shop reviews in the UK could be invaluable.

Below are tips on saving on integrated fridge freezers:

1. Remember energy efficiency is key when choosing one

When buying such an item, you have to consider how energy efficient it is. If you end up with a fridge that consumes too much electricity, you will pay constant higher electricity bills.

It doesn’t matter whether you are buying a Bosch integrated fridge freezer or which household appliance webshop you buy from; all fridges come with an energy efficiency rating. One with a higher rating is more energy-efficient than those with lower ratings. Thus, watch out!

2. Purchase from a trustworthy brand

Buying such products from reputable brands will go a long way in saving you some headaches. However, some of these brands may come off as too expensive, but it doesn’t give you any guarantees even at that. Still, it can indicate that you can trust what they are offering. Ensure you check other relevant issues and see what else they offer.

The top brands will usually have a lot of other pecks to go with their pricey nature. Reviews may tell you that Zanussi integrated fridge freezers may be the best or Samsung models. Whatever popular brand you wish to patronise, ensure you get a great offer.

3. Pay Attention to reviews

Reading reviews has its advantages, including helping you find the best and most affordable integrated fridge freezers. Buying an AEG integrated fridge freezer may be the right choice for you, but you may not be aware. Thus, read reviews extensively. You can find such online; a good example is this Engels Reviews.

4. Buy the right size

Buying the right fridge means buying a fridge whose capacity is what you need. You don’t have to buy one with so much room that you can hardly fill up. Sizes will also impact the price and energy efficiency; thus, buying exactly what you need is wise. For instance, an integrated fridge freezer the size of an under counter fridge may be what you need; buying a larger piece is then a wrong move.

5. Find the right fridge freezer ratio

When buying an integrated fridge freezer, knowing the right fridge to freezer ratio is essential. Freezers are known to consume more energy; thus, you won’t like to end up with one that has too much room than you need. Here are the usual combinations to note:

- 70 30 Integrated fridge freezer

In a 70 30 integrated fridge freezer, the fridge compartment is much bigger than the freezer. This provides you with more room for fresh food storage. There are popular brands that produce such. Powerdirect customer reviews could be helpful in finding one.

- 50 50 Integrated fridge freezer

In a 50 50 integrated fridge freezer, the fridge compartment is the same size as the freezer. This provides you with equal room for fresh and frozen food storage.

- 60 40 Integrated fridge freezer

In a 60-40 integrated fridge freezer, the fridge compartment is slightly larger than the freezer. This provides more room for fresh food storage but equally adequate space for frozen food. Boots Kitchen can be of help to get such a size combination.


Buying an integrated fridge freezer may look pricey, but you can find a way to reduce cost. It doesn’t necessarily have to be lower prices; it could be in the area of energy efficiency. Thus, the above tips will serve you well.

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