Pros and Cons of an Integrated Washing Machine

Pros and Cons of an Integrated Washing Machine

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Integrated washing machines satisfy minimalist home needs. Gadgets and appliances once dominated living spaces, creating an air stuffed with utility. That has changed. A glance through Instagram pages of home decor services will show that people want as much space as possible in their homes.

What is an Integrated Washing Machine?

An integrated washing machine is designed for cupboard placement. It is well hidden in the cupboard, giving the kitchen a flush and organised look.

There are two levels of integration:

i. Semi-integrated washing machine:

The cupboard door hides the machine but reveals the controls in a semi-integrated washing machine.

ii. Fully integrated washing machine:

The cupboard door completely hides the machine in a fully integrated washing machine.

Integrated vs Built-in Washing Machine

Many people use built-in and integrated washing machines interchangeably, but are they the same? A built-in washing machine is an integrated washing machine, but both are different.

Although both are designed to fit inside a kitchen unit, a built-in washing machine comes with a flat cupboard-type door that's the same colour as the other cupboard units in the kitchen. Thus a built-in washing machine is not hidden, but it is flush and lined with the other cupboard units in the kitchen. However, the integrated washing machine is enclosed by the cupboard.

This difference might seem unnecessary, but it is critical when buying an integrated washing machine. Sometimes, some outlets label their machines as "built-under integrated washing machines", suggesting they can fit underneath a counter. But that label is misleading. A machine that can fit underneath a counter is not necessarily an integrated washing machine; it is a freestanding machine.

Integrated cupboards are incorporated into kitchen units, and they depend on the cupboard for support.

What are the Best Integrated Washing Machines in the Market

Many big brands produce washing machines in the market, but here are some of the best manufacturers.

i. Hotpoint integrated washing machine

ii. Beko integrated washing machine

iii. Bosch integrated washing machine

iv. Currys integrated washing machine

You can shop for these brands in appliance stores like Appliance City. They stock quality household appliances like fridges and blenders from the best brands.

Pros of an Integrated Washing Machine

1. They Give Your Kitchen a Flush Look

An integrated washing machine is your best bet to keep things neat. Even a portable washing machine (as long as it is freestanding) takes up too much space and obstructs movements. The lack of protrusions in an integrated washing machine gives your kitchen a flush feel. It also opens up space, giving you the chance to set up a lovely dinner in the kitchen where you can serve meals straight out of the oven.

2. They Make it Easier to Clean the Kitchen

With freestanding washing machines, there are a lot of nooks and crannies. You would have to draw the washing machine from its position to clean it and its surroundings. There are fewer spaces for dirt to hide with an integrated washing machine, so the kitchen is cleaner.

3. They Are Quieter

Integrated washing machines are quieter because the cabinet doors cut out the sound. This will ensure minimal levels of disturbance in the kitchen.

Cons of an Integrated Washing Machine

1. They Are More Expensive

Integrated washing machines are more expensive than freestanding machines. Also, unless you are very handy, you will have to hire a plumber or any household maintenance company like 24/7 Home Rescue (which offers to fix washing machines) to help you install the washing machine.

When you add up the purchase, installation, and maintenance costs, it looks less like the perfect laundry solution.

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2. They Are Smaller

Because it is designed to be fitted into a cupboard, it is narrower and has a smaller drum size. So if you do big loads of laundry, an integrated washing machine's lower load capacity would be a disadvantage.

3. They Have Fewer Functionalities and Reduced Spin Speed

Freestanding washing machines pack a ton of utilities. Integrated washing machines usually come with fewer. The spin speed is significantly lower too. But this is for a good reason. Faster spins in the cupboard can cause disturbance to the neighbouring units.

In the end, it is all about preference. If you want a washing machine that offers considerable utility and does not disrupt the aesthetics of your living space, an integrated washing machine is the one for you. Ready to buy one? Appliances Online stocks varieties of home appliances and also helps to set them up.

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