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    Agarwood/aloeswood is a fragrant dark resinous wood used in incense, perfume, and small carvings. It is formed in the heartwood of aquaria trees when they become infected with a type of mould (Phialophora parasitica). Before infection, the heartwood is odourless, relatively light, and pale coloured; however, as the infection progresses, the tree produces a dark aromatic resin, called aloes. The incenses and perfumes that are produced from agarwood have been valued for centuries and used by many cultures for spiritual, opulent, and aphrodisiac purposes. Agarwood is highly revered in the seminal texts of Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam. Agarwood continues to be an important part of spiritual and secular life for many cultures where it has been used. In contemporary Middle Eastern and Asian consumer markets, agarwood pieces with high resin content will be burnt directly without any processing or addition of other fragrances. Agarwood with a lower concentration of resin is often blended with other fragrant ingredients to create composite incense products. Incense burning is still practised widely in Japan today with blends being categorized by one of two key base ingredients: agarwood or sandalwood. In many Middle Eastern societies, agarwood is used as a sign of wealth and status particularly during religious rites and social occasions, and to infuse personal and domestic items with its distinct fragrance. The oil obtained from agarwood remains an important fragrant product in several consumer countries and demand in emerging niche markets in “western” countries is increasing. Agarwood oil is one of the five most important ingredients in Chinese perfumery, an important element of Arabian perfumes and becoming prominent in the modern western fragrance industry. The oil is got from agarwood through the process of distillation and is often used as a prominent base note for perfumes owing to its rich aroma, low volatility, and extended longevity of the fragrance. Increasing global demand for agarwood over recent decades can be attributed partly to the increasing population and wealth in several consumer countries. One company that uses agarwood as raw material is iOud. For impartial customer reviews of iOud, please do read on.

    About iOud
    iOud is a Saudi-owned company that alleges to have been in the business of producing incense made from natural resins obtained from the agarwood trees in Indonesia and Malaysia for nearly a century. This business, aware of the importance of respecting the environment and sustainability, claims it is committed to contributing to the development of sustainable agarwood plantations and management. iOud is headquartered in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

    Products and services of iOud
    The company stocks various forms of oud incense collections such as ocean collection, air freshener collections, luxury collections, among others. iOud products are shipped worldwide. It operates a30day returns policy. They send messages in the form of a newsletter to keep clients and prospects of their assortment of products and services.

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    iOud is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care.

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