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    Humans have evolved numerous types of treatments for ailments and diseases from the beginning of time. Complementary medicine, alternative medicine and holistic medicine are some of the different names given to the different innovations outside orthodox medicine for attaining healthy bodies. Some treatments, however, straddle orthodox and alternative medicine, and one of these is electrotherapy, which is the use of electrical energy to treat people. Some of the applications of electrotherapy treatment include the relaxation of muscle spasms, electrical muscle stimulation, muscle rehabilitation and re-education, increasing local blood circulation, prevention and retardation of muscle atrophy due to disuse, diabetic neuropathy, and treatment of acute post-traumatic /post-surgical pain, among several others. It is however important to know that electrotherapy is not for everyone, especially not for people who have any form of medical implants like pacemakers, or pregnant women for that matter. Its use should also be avoided for people with deep vein thrombosis, cognatic impairment and cardiovascular diseases. Electrotherapy devices and treatments should be done under the supervision of qualified personnel to prevent avoidable accidents. As electrotherapy treatments and devices find its way into mainstream health and wellness industries, it has also found application in the cosmetic industry. iReliev is a company that supplies electrotherapy devices for health and wellness of its customers. We, however, suggest you read honest customer reviews of iReliev here before you decide to patronize the company.

    About iReliev

    iReliev is a product developed by ExcelHealth, an FDA cleared company that produces electrotherapy devices for customers to achieve unmedicated pain relieve. The company is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas in the United States of America. iReliev was established in 2009.

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    The products under the iReliev brand include Electrotherapy Devices such as Wireless TENs + EMS Therapeutic Wearable System, Premium TENS + EMS Pain Relief & Recovery, TENS + EMS Pain Relief and Recovery System, and TENS Unit Pain Relief System. Other products are Electrotherapy Accessories such as Wireless TENS + EMS Expandable Pods, Hard Protective Carrying Case for ET-1313 and ET-7070, iReliev Dual USB Charging Cable and Adapter and different categories of Electrode Pads. Their Skincare and Prep category of products include Spectra 360 Conducive Gel, TENS Wipes, Towelletes and After Use Electrotherapy Lotion. Tropicals such as Pain Relief Gel, as well as Hot and Cold Therapy products such as Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Pack, Far Infrared Heating Pad, Weighted Heating Pad and Ultra Soft Heating Pad, are also offered at iReliev, as are IReliev Percussion Massager and Back and Neck Massager. ExcelHealth honours iReliev products returned to the company within 30-days of purchase.

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    If you have used any of the products offered by iReliev in the past, we invite you to share your experiences with us. Were the products as effective for pain relief and as an alternative for drug use as advertised? Do you have any concerns or suggestions about iReliev that you would want to make public? Will you recommend the company to your friends and colleagues? Please leave candid feedback for the company to be able to determine ways to serve you and others better. The information you share would also be insightful for prospective customers in their decision-making.

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