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    Germinated grains, otherwise known as sprouted grains, are grains that have been activated for growth and already started the growth process before being packaged for eating. This is only achievable with whole grains, which are simply seeds that were dried and packaged for eating instead of planting. Most people might not have taken the time to consider that the whole grains we use as food are actually seeds that have the potentials of becoming new plants themselves. The advantages of germinated grains lie in the fact that for any seed to germinate, it must be healthy, which means that anyone eating germinated grains can be sure to get a nutrient-dense food into their systems. Eating germinated grains is said to offer advantages such as normalizing sex hormones and improving reproductive potency in men, they slow the ageing process, rejuvenation of the skin, hair and nails, improved immunity and overall improved wellbeing. There are also several kinds of research that indicates that different germinated seeds perform specific health functions, examples being the control of diabetes and reduction of cardiovascular risks occasioned by eating sprouted brown rice, decrease in blood pressure through sprouted buckwheat extracts and sprouted buckwheat providing protection against fatty liver. Of course, adding sprouted grains to your meals is not a magic wand for becoming healthier – rather, it is a step in the direction of better and healthier life choices. It is also important to remember that the moist environment that is required for germinating the seeds also encourages the activities of bacteria, and there are still limited regulations of the germinated products across the world. It is therefore beneficial to get your germinated products from certified organic dealers and companies. Keimster claims to be one of such companies. We can’t say they’ve got you covered for sure, so we suggest that you read independent customer reviews left for Keimster by their existing customers.

    About Keimster
    Keimster is a producer of germinated products that are located in Leipzig, Germany. The company was born after the founder’s trip to America in 2016 exposed him to the possibilities of retailing germinated products in regular supermarkets in Europe. Keimster, which officially kicked off in 2017, claims to rely on organic raw materials, sustainable packaging, zero sugar, zero flavourings and zero preservatives to deliver products that are claimed to be healthy and quality. The company also favours direct trade to the customers through e-commerce, which cuts out the middle man and claims to make their products reasonably priced. The company claims that their products meet the standards of the EU Organic Quality.

    Products of Keimster
    Keimsters products include Flakes and Core products like Germinated Organic Oatmeal, Germinated Organic Spelt Flakes, Germinated Organic Buckwheat, The Classic: 3-Grain Germster, Germinated Organic Sunflower Seeds, Michas muesli (the 3-grain protein source), 4-Grain Germster and Germinated Organic Natural Rice. Keimster also offers Germinated Wholemeal Wheat Flour, Germinated Spelt Whole Grain Noodles and Toppings like Dried Organic Fig Pieces, Organic Coconut Raisins in Raw Food Quality, Organic Date Deglet Nour in Raw Food Quality, Organic Cocoa Nibs in Raw Food Quality, Organic Pineapple cubes, Organic Apricot cubes, Organic Plum Cubes in Raw Food Quality and Green Organic Raisins in Raw Food Quality.

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