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    Being one of man’s necessities, clothing plays an important role in our human society. Fashion dominates human consciousness and like many other phenomena, it is also characterized by constant change. One of the main functions of textiles is to protect the human body from unfavourable weather and other external conditions while still offering comfort in a physical and psychological sense. This protection can be from adverse conditions such as an extreme cold or guarding the feet against sharp objects such as thorns, etc. The development of textiles and clothing is closely related to the development of human society as well as the changes in the environment–textiles–human body relationship. Historically, three basic stages of this three-way relationship can be delineated. In the first and earliest stage, textiles were mainly worn as a barrier between the human body and the environment. Protection from cold and solar radiation is the oldest function of textiles and clothing. The second stage dates back to the first half of the twentieth century. It was characterized by intensive research on textiles as a protective barrier against heat and sweat (such as those from open fire and high temperatures). The last stage which emerged after the 1950s is the stage of modernity and a significant rise in the demands for comfortable indoor environments as well as a period of higher living standards in developed societies. The up to 90% increase in the time people spent in closed environments (including vehicles) called for in-depth analyses of all aspects of indoor environments and their impact on human comfort, health, and productivity. The functioning of the human body is influenced by both body temperatures and that of the environment (whether indoors or outdoors). Hence, the body has naturally evolved a thermoregulatory system to maintain the temperature of its main organs and systems under extreme temperatures. However, unlike many animals and although humans inhabit areas of extreme weather, the human body cannot survive for long without shelter and clothing even in today’s high-tech modern world. Thus, people who work in extreme temperature conditions, be it indoors or outdoors, require adequate gear to function optimally or even function at all. Kerfuffle and Malarkey is a firm that is involved in the multi-billion dollar clothing industry. Reading honest customer reviews of Kerfuffle and Malarkey here is one such way to learn more about the company.

    About Kerfuffle and Malarkey
    Kerfuffle and Malarkey is a British clothing design companythat claims that its clothing items are sourced and designed in the UK and its entire production process is controlled and certified by the version of the Global Organic Standard. The company specializes in t-shirts and allege to welcome design inputs from freelance designers provided such designs to meet its standards.

    Products and services of Kerfuffle and Malarkey
    Kerfuffle and Malarkey provides a range of t-shirts it classifies according to their print designs. These designs include the Animal Magic Range (designed with animal images), Rainbow Range (with rainbow colours), and Slogans (with some famous slogans, and a few designs inspired by words of wisdom). Kerfuffle and Malarkey ships to most countries worldwide. To be eligible for refunds, shipped items must be returned unworn within 14 days of receiving them.

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    Have you purchased the products and services of Kerfuffle and Malarkey before? If yes, we are interested in your experiences and feedback? Did you get value for money as well as the best experience of your investment? Did you get value for money? Did they keep their promise of offering high-quality fashion pieces and accessories and matchless customer service at reasonably priced rates? Do they have friendly and dedicated or well-grounded personnel attendants as they also claimed? Maybe you can suggest to us how the company can improve its products and service delivery for the best clients’ experience. Your feedback will benefit the company and help potential clients choose wisely.

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    Kerfuffle and Malarkey
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    Kerfuffle and Malarkey is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Fashion.

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