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Do you find it frustrating to bring cumbersome books on trips? Have you enjoyed the recent boom of e-readersand other devices that can hold all the book you would ever want to read? If so the products and selection of titles offered by Kobo may interest you. The originally Canadian company has established itself as the only challenger to Amazon in the field of e-readers and e-book selection. If you are thinking of investing in one of their devided then read through the reviews below to hear how people have found their services and selection of titles. Read on if you would like to hear a bit more about the company.

About Kobo

Rakuten Kobo Inc, or just Kobo for short, began life as a company called Shortbooks founded in 2009 by Michael Serbinis, heading up the Canadian book-store chain Indigo Books and Music. After accruing a substantial volume of reading material, the cloud e-reading service they provided was sold as a seperate company and became Kobo. After various investment, it was acquired by the Japanese company Rakuten in 2012, which is why the company now operates under the name Rakuten Kobo. Rakuten means ‘optimism’ in Japanese, while Kobo is a rearrangment of the letters in the word ‘book’. The company expanded again after announcing that they had purchased the e-book service of Waterstones in 2016.

As Koobo operate in 16 countries, offering over 5 millions titles all on one platform using the most common formats, drawing on content from 77 languages and includes everything from best-sellers to self-published pieces, they are now the only real challenge to Amazon in the market of e-readers.

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Services of Kobo

Kobo offers a range of e-readers, ranging from cheaper models, such as Kobo Touch, all the way up to high-definition models, Kobo Aura HD, and even a waterproof model, Kobo H20. All of these use e-paper, and access book collections from Kobo’s cloud service. As well as Kobo e-readers, the cloud information can be accessed through their tablets or apps. Their online store allows customers to purchase their devices, eBooks, but also sing up to the Kobo Super Points, a loyalty programme that rewards customers using points gained from buying their products, though rewards only include more of their content.

They have also launched Kobo Writing Life in 2012, a platform that allows people to publish their work on their cloud, and track the sales directly, which had attracted 30,000 authors and 250,000 works by 2013.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Kobo

Have you used Kobo’s reading platform before? Do you feel the selection of books is diverse enough? How did you find their devices, and do you have any recommendation for future buyers? Perhaps you have travelled with the products, was the battery life and quality sufficient? Leave all you experiences, negative or positive, in a review to give people a sense of the company, and so Kobo can hear from their customers.

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lots of books at attarctive price range

i am a book-holic, love to read every time and anywhere. its hard to carry a book with me every time, however, kudos gives me a great option to keep my favorite books with myself without carrying the burden ith me

By: Lily motanna 03-08-2017
Would buy here again

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