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Would buy here again:YES
By: antony baker

Kwik Fit - cheaper but less friendly

Went here for a regular check-up for my (old) car.

they were definitely a lot cheaper than my own garage, but also less friendly

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Reviews Kwik Fit

Why have your car repaired at a Kwil Fit garage? If you have a car, it is important to take good car of it. After all, a car is important to bring you from A to B every day. It can be needed to get to work, to do some grocery shopping, or to bring your children to school. You don’t want your car to break down along the road. It is also important to have the right tires under your car and to take your car to the garage for an annual check-up. For that annual check up, you can of course go to the garage around the corner, but you can also go to a car company like Kwit Fit. The company has a familiar and reliable name and can help you to keep your car in good condition. But is it really as reliable as its famous name claims it to be? To help you with that question, BritainReview made this page to review different Kwit Fit locations and Kwit Fit itself. That way, you easily know what you are in for and can see what the service is like at one of the branches.

About Kwit Fit
Kwit Fit is founded in the UK in 1971. In the beginning, they used to focus on replacing tires, shock absorbers, batteries, breaks and exhaust pipes. By focussing on these parts, it was possible for them to do this easier and cheaper than other garages. Ready while you wait used to be a strong point in those years. And the number of locations keeps growing. Thirty years after Kwik Fit was founded, it has become one of the greatest car service companies in Europe. Nowadays, you can also visit Kwik Fit for small or big maintenance, refilling the air conditioning or replacing a window. Kwik Fit has become a full service car garage.

Kwik Fit advert

Services of Kwik Fit
For what things can you go to Kwik Fit exactly? We made an overview of the services of this quick car company:
- having your shock absorbers replaced
- having your tires (summer tires and winter tires) replaced
- an annual check-up
- towing hooks
- having your car window replaced or repaired
- small maintenance
- big maintenance
- having a new battery placed
- having the air conditioning in your refilled or repaired
- lots of small or big repairs or your car
Actually, you can go to Kwik Fit for many things. Therefore, it is not strange that dealers of a specific brand are often passed. The prices at Kwit Fit are a bit more attractive.

Complaints, Compliments or Tips for Kwik Fit
Sometimes it can happen that some things are not fixed in the way that you would like them to be fixed. In that case, it is important to make that known. On their website, you can fill in a complaint about how things are done. Of course it is better to go by the branch itself to see if they can solve your complaint. It is good to know that Kwik Fit works with different warranties. It is possible that a complaint or problem falls under a certain warranty and is therefore easily fixed by the Kwik Fit location in question. What do you think about Kwik Fit? Let us know and leave your review.

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