A Guide to Choosing the Best Larder Fridge

A Guide to Choosing the Best Larder Fridge
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A larder fridge may be what you need if you have a large family to cater for, and there is a need to store a large amount of foodstuff.

There are other types of fridges; why then do you need this one? Opinions may vary; that is why you should read what experts have to say. BritainReviews is just one among many platforms to find more information on such issues.

We will talk more about larder fridges, types and the best one for you. Let’s go straight into it.

What is a larder fridge?

A larder fridge is a type of fridge that comes with no freezer compartment but an entire cold storage room. This is great for storing fresh foods.

Such fridges are great at energy consumption since a freezer compartment consumes more energy than a fridge freezer. Thus, electricity usage is reduced. That is the main difference between a larder fridge and a conventional fridge.

Why do you need a larder fridge?

If you have a large family, you do a great deal of cooking with fresh foods. You will need to store some until you need them. A larder fridge is ideal for this purpose. Its lack of icebox space will give you enough room for storage. However, if you deal with frozen foods like fish and meat, you will need a freezer for such a purpose. Therefore a suitable fridge like a black fridge freezer will be a great addition to your kitchen.

What are the types of larder fridges?

There are different types of larder fridges. This is mostly dependent on size. A quick look at shopping unique reviews can give you more insight. However, here are some prominent larder fridges you need to know:

Tall larder fridges

Tall larder fridges are huge models that give you a significant amount of space for food storage. Tall larder fridges come with different modifications and features. The best ones you should go for are those with drawer-like partitions and temperature/humidity regulators.

A tall larder fridge is your answer to fresh food storage if you have a big family. They also come in different sizes. If you have a great need for storage space, go for models with high storage capacity. You can check this Sonic Direct reviews for several possible options.

Other types of Larder fridges

Other types of larder fridges include under-counter larder fridges and integrated larder fridges.

An integrated larder fridge is a type of fridge built into the kitchen housing and sits in line with other kitchen cabinetry. It comes without a freezer compartment, given it is still a larder fridge. This keeps them out of focus since they blend in with the kitchen environment.

Integrated larder fridges share the same enclosure method with under-counter larder fridges, but they are roomier than the latter. Becko larder fridges and Argos larder fridges are some brands you can check.

Which type of larder fridge should I go for?

Your needs will determine which type to go for. If you have a large family, a tall larder fridge will do. If you stay alone or do not stock high in fresh foods, an under-counter larder fridge will serve you well. And if you need to store frozen foods, you will need something more with a freezer compartment. There are certain larder fridges that come with icebox space.

Where should I buy a larder fridge?

Appliance City is one among numerous places you can get larder fridges. Ask for recommendations from friends and family. Reading reviews will point you to the right places. A good example is this review on the electrical appliances company Marks Electrical.


Choosing the best larder fridge entails knowing what it is and the types you can go for. If you do not need frozen food storage but fresh foods, such a fridge is suitable for you.

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