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    The cosmetic industry is an aggregation of all those involved in the manufacture and distribution of cosmetic products. These products include colour cosmetics, like foundation and mascara, skincare items such as moisturizers and cleansers, hair care products which include shampoos, conditioners and hair colours, and toiletries such as bubble bath and soap. According to, the value of the global cosmetics market in 2018 was 507.8 billion U.S. dollars. The market is projected to grow to about 758.4 billion U.S. dollars by 2025. In the United States, the state of California has the highest concentration of beauty establishments in America at 25.5%, followed by New Jersey at 8.1%. Since 2016, there has been a 3 to 4 per cent annual increase in the number of cosmetic stores in the US as well as employment rates of between 13-16 per cent per year. Due to the high value of and demand for the US dollar globally, it has become very expensive for most nations to import American beauty products and to export their own products to America. However, there are a few countries whose beauty products are in popular demand in the US due to their quality and value. Among such countries are the UK, France, Italy and Canada. In 2018, these four countries accounted for 45.2% of all cosmetic imports to the US to help meet domestic consumers demand luxury products. South Korean and Japanese skincare products which, are also becoming more popular in the United States. The U.S has maintained the same regulation over her cosmetic industry since 1938 under the FD&C Act, albeit the law has experienced additional amendments over time. with the blossoming of the Internet, the global cosmetic industry worldwide continues to develop and expand their reach, now more than ever with the advent of Internet companies. Many companies, including internet companies, offer their cosmetic products online in countries which they do not have physical representatives. One such company is Luneia. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Luneia here before considering investing in any of their products and services.

    About Luneia
    Luneia is a skincare firm launched by Gemma Harling. Harling claims her personal experience hunting for products to address her hormonal acne partly inspired the formation of Luneia. She claims that she founded Luneia because ” the way skincare currently serves us needs a shake-up. Everyone deserves to feel in control of their own skin. It’s a subject close to my heart because I know just how difficult it is when your skin isn’t behaving the way you want it to. But everything can change.” Luneia is headquartered in London.

    Products and services of Luneia
    Luneia asserts to offer a wide range of cruelty-free vegan products including the Luneia beauty care parcel, face masks, scrunchies and the radiance ritual glow mask. Shipping delivery services are available in the UK and other parts of the world. Luneia operates a 7 day returns policy. The company also offer expert advice on how clients and prospects can get the best experience of their investment.

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    Luneia is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care.

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