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    Decades ago, cloth shopping had the ladies rushing to the mall as early as possible so that they could spend the whole day, and have enough time to search all the shops for clothing that would fit them. They would probably drag their boyfriends, and husbands along for a free pack-mule, and an extra opinion on the clothes that they intend to buy. In the end, this process, although entertaining was rather time-consuming for the ladies, while it was very exhausting for the guys that get dragged along. But today, all of that has changed. Today, ladies could just open up the various clothing apps on their smartphones, or log in to an online clothing store on their computers, and from the comfort of their homes, or offices, they can avoid all the unnecessary stress, and acquire the clothes that they desire. This new method saves money, prevents them from having to create time in their busy schedules for a good shopping spree, and ultimately saves their boyfriends, and loved ones from the fate of becoming pack mules. However, although this method comes with its inherent advantages, it still suffers from the problem of choice. There are a lot of online clothing shops out there, with many of them specializing in a particular niche of clothing, and a lot of others specializing in the sales of a particular clothing brand, or clothing accessory. As such, individuals that are in the market for some online clothes shopping are in most cases met with this dilemma. Lyst is an online shop which believes that they have an appropriate solution to this problem. We suggest you read honest customer reviews of Lyst here to know if their products and services would align with your needs.

    About Lyst
    Starting as a small shed in Shoreditch, London, Lyst is an online shop that was founded in 2010, at the behest of founders, Seb Trepca, and Chris Morton. This online shop was created as a solution to help online cloth shoppers easily find the clothing they are looking for. And this they claim to have accomplished this by providing the customer with a platform from which they can search the contents of thousands of online stores at once. Lyst also claims to have been able to bring 5 million products from more than 12,000 world-renown brands together in their online store.

    Products, and Services offered by Lyst
    From luxury clothing brands like Louis Vuitton to clothing accessory brands like Prada, and other luxury brands like Adidas, which are known for their footwear; Lyst avows that their customers are certain to find what they are looking for. This task is accomplished by utilizing the data from page views, sales statistics, and many search queries made by their customers. Apart from finding these elusive clothing, Lyst declares that their customers are also allowed to compare the prices between various stores, in a bid to find the one with a lesser price tag. The clothing in their fashion store ranges from activewear, jeans, coats, shirts, underwear, skirts, and other articles of clothing for both men, and women.

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    We would love to learn about your shopping experience via Lyst online store. Did you get value for money? Did they deliver your order on time? Kindly suggest to us how the company can improve its products and general service delivery for best clients experience and feedback. We’d love to hear from you soon.

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    Lyst is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Fashion.

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