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    Lingerie is a category of women’s undergarments, mostly brassieres, sleepwear and lightweight robes. Mostly made of lightweight, stretchy, smooth, sheer or decorative fabrics such as satin, lycra, silk, charmeuse, lace and chiffon, the concept was developed in the nineteenth century by Lady Duff-Gordon of Lucile in a bid to free women from the use of the restrictive corsets. As corsets and underwear became smaller and more fitting over the decades, designers began to put greater emphasis on rich-looking fabrics, embroideries, laces and brighter colours. ‘Innerwear as Outerwear’ is a fashion trend that promotes the display of undergarments, and one of the popular people that propagated the trend was celebrity performer, Madonna in the 1980s. Other celebrities that have pushed this trend are Kate Moss, Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Beyonce. There are different versions of the trend- while some out rightly wear their undergarments out, others are subtler, wearing low-slung bottoms or showing off bra straps, while others yet decide to make their fashion statements in their sleepwear. The advantage of this trend is like, unlike other trends, there is minimum wastage. The undergarment used does not need to be discarded when the trend evolves or goes out of circulation, as fashion trends are wont to do. It is common knowledge that women’s clothing starts with the undergarment, and when she has a beautiful and comfortable, it not only boosts the appearance of the woman but also her confidence. This has placed lingerie on a pedestal, adored by women and appreciated by the men. Marlies Dekkers is a brand that focuses on women and the undergarment items that boosts their confidence. Read honest valuation of the company here before considering giving them a try.

    About Marlies Dekkers
    Marlies Dekkers is a famous Dutch lingerie designer founded by Elisabeth Maria Johanna Decker, who was one of the pioneer designers of the trend of ‘innerwear as outerwear’. The designs are inspired by her vision on life, claiming that she wants to give women more self-confidence, and has won international awards and acclaim. A highly artistic individual, she already published many books, one of which is the bestseller Stout (Eng. Naughty), and 33 propositions which she wrote in collaboration with Dutch writer Heleen van Royen and Meghan Ferrill, which was lauded in the poetry and art scene. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Rotterdam, Netherlands.

    Products and Services of Marlies Dekkers
    Their products include bras, post-surgery bras, bottoms, bodies and corsets, garter belts and T-Shirts. They also offer a swimwear category which includes bikinis, bathing suits, kaftans, pareos, beach towels and beach duffels.

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