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    Tungsten has been acknowledged by scientists to be the strongest naturally occurring metal on the surface of the earth, boasting a tensile strength of up to 142,000psi. This metal has also been favoured as jewellery by a lot of individuals. Although natural tungsten might be toxic in a few ways, jewellery-grade tungsten has been processed and made to be safe for use as rings, bracelets, and other pieces of jewellery. In recent years, grooms have been looking more favourably on tungsten rings, due to its inherent shine, strength, and durability. Unlike Gold, Diamond, Silver, and a variety of other well-known precious metals, tungsten is much cheaper in terms of price and is even loved by individuals who may be allergic to gold. Grooms also favour tungsten rings because, due to the inherent durability of the metal, these rings can be expected to be in tip-top shape even after a few accidents, and without any smudges, cracks, or dings too. Men’s Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry is an online shop that affirms their capability in being able to provide tungsten jewellery. If you want to determine if these claims are genuine, we suggest you read honest customer reviews of Men's Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry here.

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    Men’s Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry is an online jewellery shop that claims to have been in business since 1998 and focused on providing the male folk with tungsten wedding rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other jewellery made from titanium, tungsten carbide, and cobalt chrome. A lifetime warranty is offered on all products ordered from this online shop, along with a 90-day return period for customers that are unsatisfied with their purchases. Customers of Men’s Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry are also offered a free lifetime sizing opportunity for all rings that they purchase. This is done to ensure that their rings would be sure to fit them for the rest of their lives.

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    The inherent hardness of tungsten rings has rendered the traditional etching methods ineffective on their surfaces. Etches done on tungsten rings are usually jagged, and can in turn chip the ring by causing damage to its structure. This why is laser engraving is a more acceptable method for leaving any messages on tungsten engraving, and Men's Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry avows that it is the only method that they support. Men’s Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry guarantees that its laser engravings are made using hi-tech equipment, and is sure to be crisp, clean, and most importantly, permanent. All laser engravings that are to be done on a ring are charged at a rate of $40, can support only a maximum of 30 characters (spaces included), and cannot be refunded. Apart from the English alphabets, Men’s Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry also supports engravings in other languages, and symbols; fingerprint engravings are also available as well. Although they do not support telephone orders, Men’s Titanium & Tungsten Jewelry ships worldwide, and offers free shipping to the US.

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