Top Microwave Shelf Ideas for A Small Kitchen

Top Microwave Shelf Ideas for A Small Kitchen
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A poorly arranged kitchen makes cooking a stressful experience. Having ample kitchen space allows you to move freely, safely store dishware and kitchen appliances, and properly clean up after cooking. You can find dishware and home appliances in stores like Maxima.

It is challenging to create an organised space when you have a small kitchen. Where do you put appliances like microwaves for easy access? For most, the easy solution is to mount the microwaves on the counter.

This sort of placement does not require technical installation. It is also interesting to note that microwaves are no longer the large appliances they once were. However, setting up a microwave on the counter can clutter your space if you have a small kitchen.

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There are many creative ways to free up space using a microwave shelf, and this article will explore some of the top ideas.

Microwave Inside Kitchen Island

The kitchen island is one of the main fixtures in a kitchen. Since it already takes up a lot of space, you can maximise kitchen space by embedding your microwave into one of its cabinets. This is a neat, low-profile style that creates room on the counter. The low placement ensures that adults and kids can easily access it. You can add a pocket door to hide the microwave from view when not in use. You can find legit American local electronic stores that sell home appliances.

Floating Microwave Shelf

Do you have another appliance tucked in the kitchen island cabinet space? A floating microwave shelf doesn't have to be a designated microwave territory. You can use the floating microwave shelf to store or display exquisite dishware, kitchen utensils, and other items that may be relevant to the microwave. It would look even more appealing if it were a retro microwave. This style frees up counter and cabinet space and makes cooking a breeze. One thing to note: pay attention to weight. Floating microwave shelves do not have the sturdy support of a kitchen island cabinet or a stainless steel microwave shelf.

Microwave in Wall-Mounted Cabinet

You can repurpose space in the mounted cabinet as a microwave shelf unit. First, of course, you have to ensure that the dimensions are just right — the microwave should fit in neatly with a couple of inches of free space for an extension cord just in case the electricity outlet is far. This microwave wall shelf gives you the neat air of a built-in system. You can check online electronic stores like Sonic Direct if you would like to buy a built-in microwave. But first, read Sonic Direct reviews.

Microwave Under Counter

Yes, counter space is valuable, but only at the top. If you don't have a kitchen island, you can save a lot of space by creatively maximising your counter. You can fashion a shelf underneath the counter and fit your flatbed microwave. One of the advantages of this style is that it saves you the stress of walking too much. Most kitchen tasks are accomplished at the counter. That means less stress and more space.

Microwave Above Range

Want to save cabinet and counter space? You can make the most of your counter by placing your microwave above the oven range. However, you will need a ventilation system to allow proper airflow when using the stovetop.

Final Words

These are some of the top ideas for a microwave shelf in a small kitchen. Other popular settings include a microwave corner shelf, a microwave shelf between counter and cabinet, and a microwave shelf above the coffee station. As helpful as these ideas are, they do not fit all kitchens. Consider the other kitchen appliances and aesthetics of your kitchen. This will help you decide which gadgets get the cabinet, counter, or shelf.

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