How to Use a Microwave Steriliser

How to Use a Microwave Steriliser
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Microwaves are the perfect appliances for heating food, but with new models, you can do much more: roast, grill, and make popcorn. One of the least known functions of a microwave is sterilisation. You can use a microwave steriliser to eliminate harmful microbes from your baby's feeding bottles.

There are different brands of microwave sterilisers, and they are all slightly different in terms of operation and microwave time. Whether the Mam microwave steriliser or the Avent microwave steriliser, you can access customer reviews of UK webshops selling them.

This article will give general instructions on using a microwave steriliser.

How Long Should a steriliser be Kept in a Microwave

The time your steriliser should spend in a microwave depends on the microwave wattage. The general rule of thumb is:

Microwaves with 850 watts:

8 minutes microwave, and an extra 10 minutes to cool.

Microwaves between 850 - 1000 watts:

6 minutes microwave, and an extra 10 minutes to cool.

Microwaves above 1000 watts:

4 minutes, microwaving, and an extra 10 minutes to cool.

Prefer a higher wattage? Check out UK electronic stores' online reviews to find webshops selling microwaves with 1000w+.

Most sterilisers contain three parts: the lid, the base, and a middle tray that houses the pegs upon which the bottles or pacifiers will be placed. Not sure where to buy a microwave bottle steriliser ? You can check online stores like Boots Kitchen Appliances that deal in home electronics.

The instructions in this article are divided into two categories:

Before First Use
Using the steriliser

Before First Use

Despite its newness, it is still necessary to wash a microwave steriliser. Here's how:

1. Place the steriliser on the microwave shelf or counter, and uncover the lid. Some microwave sterilisers use a click and lock mechanism.

2. Fill the base of the microwave steriliser with water. This is important because a low water level might dry up quickly, causing damage to the steriliser.

3. Clean the microwave with soap and water. Leave to dry, then switch it on. Ensure the oven and grill are off, then place the steriliser in the microwave.

4. Choose a cycle appropriate for your microwave wattage.

5. Once complete, remove the microwave steriliser with gloved hands and pour the remaining water into the base.

Using the Microwave steriliser

1. Wash all the feeding accessories to be sterilised in hot water with soap to remove every trace of milk. Detach the parts for better access.

2. Uncover the lid and fill the base with the same water level as in 'Before First Use'.

3. Place the feeding bottle and other feeding accessories on the pegs depending on the microwave design. Small microwave sterilisers can only accommodate a couple of bottles. Looking for feeding bottles? Donaghybros is a store that deals in kitchenware — find out what customers say about them.

4. Cover the lid and place it in the clean microwave. Choose a cycle appropriate for your microwave wattage.

5. Once complete, remove the microwave steriliser with gloved hands, open it and take out the feeding bottles. Make sure to pour the remaining water in the base away. If you do not intend to use the bottles immediately, you may leave them in the steriliser for 24 hours, after which you might have to sterilise them again.

6. Rinse and dry the microwave steriliser and keep it for the next use.

Things to Keep In Mind When Using a Microwave steriliser

1. Ensure the water level is high to prevent the steriliser from drying up.

2. Keep harmful objects like metals; and toxic chemicals like bleach out of the steriliser.

3. Take out the bottles with gloved hands to protect yourself from scalding.

4. Empty the water remaining after every use.

5. Keep out of reach of children. When in doubt, consult the user manual.


Babies are prone to microbial infection, and an unsterilised feeding bottle harms their health. Proper use of microwave steriliser reduces this risk and keeps your baby healthy and your family happier. Ready to buy a microwave steriliser? Browse through online webshops like Appliance Electronics to get one.

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