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    The first evidence of writing with ink was from Egypt, almost as early as incised hieroglyphs. Since then, there have been two types of ink that have been used- the staining ink that penetrates and dyes the surface of a writing material (used in aniline dyes, modern fountain pen inks, and the inks within fibre-tipped pens); and the ink made with pigments which merely remains on the writing surface, without staining it. The manufacture of a pen is several thousands of years old, with reeds used as a pen in the Middle East, Europe and the Indian subcontinent. The most reliable reed was called the Phragmites australis, which was got from Iraq. The reed was cut with a strong, sharp knife, the nib trimmed left oblique, with the precise angle varying according to the script you wish to write for Hebrew, Arabic, Persian and Ottoman calligraphy. In contrast, the Greek and Roman calligraphy required the reed to be cut right oblique as their letters were written from left to right. By the Middle Ages, however, the quill became more popular than the reed, and following closely after was the metal pen that was manufactured in high volume during the Industrial revolution. As pen evolved, so did writing surfaces evolve- from papyrus to parchments made by treating animal hide, dried palm leaves, birch bark, and later silk, bamboo and wooden slips, writing surfaces used in the past were peculiar to each region. Though the paper was developed in the 2nd century, the widespread use of paper in Europe was not until the 12th century. The invention of wood-pulp paper caused the cost of writing to steadily decline, becoming accessible to more people. Montblanc is a company that has a long history in producing writing materials, witnessing and partaking in the different developments in writing materials since the early twentieth century. We suggest you read independent reviews of Montblanc here before considering investing in any of their products.

    About Montblanc
    Montblanc is an international manufacturing company of German origin which produces a wide range of luxury goods. It was founded in 1906 and launched its first pen in 1909. It was named after the highest peak in the Alps, Mont Blanc and has its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany.

    Products and Services of MontBlanc
    Montblanc manufactures ballpoint pens, fine liner, fountain pen, rollerball and pencil. They also produce different collections of writing stationery, notebooks, writing instrument ouches, refills and gifts items. The company has a line of leather products like wallets, bags, backpacks, belts, covers and cases, as well as headphones, smartwatches and digital notebooks. Men and women’s accessories like money clips, belts, bracelets, cufflinks, necklaces and sunglasses are also available at Montblanc. They also offer personalization and corporate gifts services upon request. Montblanc provides products servicing and repairs through its accredited boutiques and dealers.

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