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    MY FAV!

    Luke 04-11-2017
    Would buy here again: YES









    Trust me, if i am saying that i am the oldest customer of Moss Bros that the company ever had! Nope, i am kidding but yes i am buying my clothes from here for no idea since when. But for me , if i ever wanted to buy the Former dress for anyone in my house or for me i just recommend this company. i don't think someone is better offering the quality that they offer. not just that, i love the designs and cool stuff that do with their clothes to make it damn good on everyone. i am not that built, mostly look like the slim trim guy with a fine body so for me finding a suit is like finding a god! okay that is little dramatic but really i don't know why most of the formal dress looks odd on me but this si the only company which clothes actually looks good on me.
    so yes, i must recommend buying and if not then at least give it a chance.

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