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    L Robson09-02-2019
    Would buy here again: NO









    21.12.2018 @ 14.10 - Welbeck DKPOS11/000326257

    Thought I might like to sadly make you aware.

    After enjoying your Turkey meal on a previous visit at the above date I arranged to meet with a old friend at Welbeck for a get together and Christmas meal.

    Sadly the meal on that day was no where near as tasty as previous identical meal. Appeared very short staff no check as to meal ok and hard t o find someone to talk too. Lady on till covered all areas and busy so we gave up.We did not want to sour our get together further and left.

    The Turkey was the only slight highlight on the plate. The plates was cold not warmed even though the waiter brought them with the use of a cloth. The vegetables appeared to have been earlier cooked and been standing for a long time. The sprouts were full of water almost sponge like. The parsnips where shrivelled and the tips so hard they could not be eaten. Advertised fresh I suspect frozen

    On my previous visit I had arrived much earlier in the lunch time serving. Could that be why this earlier meal was so much better, having been more freshly cooked and not sat long? The restaurant was also quiet.

    Attempted several e mails to customer care with no response.
    Attempted call everything seemed ok until I mentioned complaint told they would transfer to right department- they cut me off? Tried again this time asked for manager - not available call back -never happened!

    UP side garden and shopping good within the plant area.

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