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    Letter sent to Oak furniture land - 19th January

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am writing to you today to complain about the service that I have encountered during this disastrous experience.

    I recently visited the shop in Norwich and I was appalled when the shop assistants were reluctant to serve me as I was only buying one item to the value of £119.00. In September, I had bought items to the value of £1817.97, and was served by Darren - Darren was very helpful on that occasion, but unfortunately he was busy with another customer. I was informed that Darren would get the commission for the single item, and i'm guessing that was why I was being avoided by the other staff.
    When the sales assistant took my order, he ordered the wrong item, instead of a lamp table of £119.00 he ordered the bedside table to the value of £129.00. I didn't notice the error until the item was delivered on the following Friday.
    The drivers contacted me (Jane) as agreed and I arranged for my husband to go home and take delivery. - quick turnaround, as he had to get back to work
    I arrived home, unpacked the item to find that the wrong item had been ordered/delivered. This explained why I was charged £10.00 more than what I had expected.
    I phoned customer services, informed you of the error and an amendment was made and an arrangement to collect the item on 18.01.19, and deliver the correct item at the same time. I was informed that my account would be credited within 3 days, 8 days later, I haven't had it! Confirmed that the driver would ring me on the 18.01.19 as both me and my husband work full time.
    Day of the delivery. I took the afternoon off and waited at home from 2pm (as my designated slot time suggested) No phone call.
    My husband arrived home at 1710 and was surprised to see no delivery/pick up of the wrong item. He checked his phone and had 2 missed call at 1445 - one from a mobile and the other from your number.
    I contacted customer services and was told that the drivers tried to contact my husband and that was the number you had on your system.

    The problem I have here is that on the first delivery date, you phoned me as requested - great. The 2nd time you attempted delivery you phoned the wrong number!. I sat at home all afternoon waiting. and when I contacted you, you said that the driver had phoned the number that was on the system. My number was on the system, as the drivers had called me the week before! My number is *********37.

    2 calls to my husband, one from the driver and one from your number - so the driver didn't call me and neither did customer services. Why?

    I was then told by customer services, if I wasn't at home when you tried to deliver next time, I would be charged!!! This I am absolutely furious about. I was at home on 18.01.19, and your incompetent drivers and your customer service department didn't ring me as requested.

    This item has cost me a lot of money - initial outlay and the cost of my time. I was thinking about purchasing all my bedroom furniture from you, but this experience has really left a bitter taste in my mouth.

    I would like some compensation from you as this has clearly distressed me and my husband. I would also like a refund of the money you owe me please.

    25th January 2019
    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I did receive a reply to ask me to contact customer service once I had received my order on 25.01.19.

    I contacted customer service as requested and they said as a good will gesture they would give me a gift voucher of £30.00. I have now escalated my complaint to you as I understand that customer services did not forward it on to you.

    I am unhappy with the good will gesture, as my email states, I did not have a great experience in fact this is the 2nd bad experience I have had with your company - the first time in April 2015 when I had issues with delivery and was charged £35.00 for the privilege. Please do check your records, my name then was ******* and my address postcode was *******. As I have already said this recent experience has left a bitter taste in my mouth, so I am unlikely to visit Oak Furniture in a hurry to spend my £30.00!

    To take delivery today, I have had to take this afternoon off, again another half a day holiday - that is 1 day's annual leave out of my precious 20 days. when I spoke to Customer Services last week, I asked for delivery after 1545 as I couldn't take time off, but on Wednesday I received an email to say you would deliver between 12 - 3. Really disappointed that I was ignored again. Today, I received a call at 10.18 from the delivery drivers as they were running early and wanted to deliver. Unfortunately I couldn't get away from work as I was in a meeting. I arrived home at 12 noon and they were waiting for me.

    When I phoned customer service, I was put on hold for quite some time before the assistant offered a good will gesture. It was very difficult to concentrate on our conversation, as there seemed to be many people in her office taking calls that were a distraction as they were so loud.

    I have calculated how much this has cost me and would be happy to receive a good will gesture of £**** (I have not included tax or national insurance contributions) this is my daily wage and therefore I feel it only fair, that Oak Furniture land refunds me in time that I have wasted. (if the correct item was delivered on the 11th, I wouldn't of had to take 2 half days off of work)

    I look forward to receiving a payment directly to my account in which I paid for my lamp table.

    3rd February
    Hi, it has been over 7 days and I have not had any type of response from you. This is not good service, I should of had an acknowledgement of my complaint at least.

    I look forward to hearing from you in a timely manner.

    Otherwise I will be putting my complaint on a review website.

    Today is 9th February and I still haven't had a response.

    Oak Furniture Superstore. 11-03-2019

    Hello Jane. I am sorry to advise you have left this review under Oak Furniture Superstore not for Oak Furniture Land (which is who you have stated you have ordered from within this review) and this maybe the reason you have not had a response from Oak Furniture Land in regards to your complaint. If you would be kind enough to delete this post, this would be much appreciated. Best Wishes Customer Services Oak Furniture Superstore.

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