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    The eye is a very important part of the body as we use it to see. However, the eye is very delicate and requires a lot of care. Today, there are many activities that we are engaged in that could reduce the effectiveness of our eyesight. For example, we now use computers and phones regularly. The blue light from these devices could be harmful to our eyes. Ocushield sells products that can help with filtering out harmful blue light to the eyes. However, you should first read honest customer reviews about Ocushield to see what other people who have used their services are saying about them before you patronize them.

    About Ocushield
    Ocushield is a company that make and sell products that can help to protect the eyes. This is considering that most people today own a mobile phone and/or computer with backlit screens that put more strain on the eye. The company started, when the founder, Dhurvin, was writing his dissertation on his journey to becoming an optometrist. The dissertation formed the foundation for the products Ocushield currently sells. Since the company was established, they have sold more than 152,342 products.

    Since each product is going to be protecting at least 2 eyes, they are confident that their products have contributed to at least 304,684 better-sleeping, happier, and healthier eyes. Ocushield believes that when the eyes are healthy, people can get more done as they will feel and sleep better. They donate £1 to the Royal National Institute for Blind People (RNIB) for every order made on their website. They can be reached through the Contact Us Page on their website as well as through social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter.

    Products of Ocushield
    The products of Ocushield including various types of blue light filters for the different types of devices with backlit screens that we use. For mobile phones and tablets, they have a blue light filter for iPhone, a blue light filter for Samsung, and a blue light filter for iPad. For those that use computers, they have a blue light filter for MacBook, blue light filter for Laptop, blue light filter for Computer and blue light filter for iMac.

    You can buy the company’s blue light blocking glasses that you can put on whenever you need to work with a device that emits blue light. This way, you don’t have to buy different blue light filters for your different gadgets. Ocushield also sells Low Blue Light Lamps. You can get Ocushield discounts through various means including referring a friend and signing up to their email where you will be informed of special offers and giveaways.

    Compliments, Complaints, and Tips for Ocushield
    If you have used the products of Ocushield, kindly share your experience and feedback about the company. How affordable are Ocushield products? Did you notice any difference in your eyes’ health before and after you started using their products? How efficient is the Ocushield customer service department? Will you recommend Ocushield to other people who want to buy blue light filters for their gadgets?

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    Ocushield is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Cosmetics & Personal Care.

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