Orange Cushions: Six Decor Colours To Pair Them With

Orange Cushions: Six Decor Colours To Pair Them With
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Orange is a vibrant colour, and orange cushions neatly placed, can make your living room pop.

Colour is important to interior design.

It sets the mood and tone of the room and also reflects your personality. So it is crucial to pick the right colour combinations for your space.

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Too much of one colour can make the room monotonous, and even repulsive if it is not black or white. Also, a random mix of colours, say an orange velvet cushion, brown couch, green walls, blue curtains, red flower pots can make the room feel chaotic.

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This article will look at the interior colours that perfectly accommodate orange cushions.

1. Orange Cushion on Orange Decor

Worried that this may cause monotony? Don't worry. Thankfully, orange comes in different shades. If the wall colour of your space is a bright tangerine, for example, a burnt orange velvet cushion will stand out remarkably.

2. Orange Cushion on Purple Decor

Like the first combo, orange and purple are similar hues. However, while purple leans on bluish, orange leans on reddish. An orange rectangle cushion will add contrast against the backdrop of a purple room. This combination can give your room a retro feel.

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3. Orange Cushion on Brown Decor

Nothing emphasises vintage like the deep brown of wood. Wood fills a home with warmth. An orange cushion can sit nicely in such an overtone and refresh the room. If you think about it, orange on brown gives off a sepia appeal — like a hue cut from memories, a blast from the past, pure vintage, an enduring classic.

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4. Orange Cushion on Teal Decor

Teal is a laid-back colour. Your home will give off a minimalist air if it has an overwhelming teal decor, and that's why orange works nicely in it. Placing an orange cushion against such a backdrop will make your room pop like an exclamation mark.

5. Orange Cushion on White Decor

Everything stands out against white colours. Like teal, white decor is the minimalist's resort. Both colours will complement each other. The white will tame the sharp brightness of orange, and the orange cushions will add diversity to the monotone. So you will have a room that's colourful yet unimposing.

6. Orange Cushion on Green Decor

An orange cushion can have a fantastic effect on a room with green decor. If your walls have green walls — say, olive green — the addition of an orange cushion will make it feel like autumn in your room.

The above tips will help you avoid mismatching colours. Orange cushions work on many other decors. Some of them are bronze decor (which can give your room a feel of antiquity), red decor, beige, yellow, violet, and black.

Although cushions are primarily for comfort, you have to ensure that they fit in with your interior decor, so they don't become an eyesore. It does not matter whether it is a body pillow or even a lap tray with a cushion, colour is always important.

There is a wide range of orange cushions to pick from — could be burnt orange, bright tangerine, — so you can explore your options.

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