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    Menstruation is a normal monthly occurrence for women. It involves the shedding of the lining of the uterus, which comes out as blood and is part of the monthly cycle of a woman. It is a biological occurrence that happens irrespective of race or location, and because of the regularity of the menstrual cycle, different products have been developed over the decades to help women go about their normal lives without having to stress or worry about their periods. Unfortunately, although the solutions are for a good cause, some of them create another challenge entirely not just for human beings across the world, but the environment and other inhabitants of the planet. Specifically, tampons and sanitary pads have been known to turn up in places like ocean floors, or in the intestine of a dead sea-animal with its specie on the road to extinction. Sanitary towels are made with some plastic lining to make the pad stick to the underwear, which does not decompose easily. Also, tampons contain chemicals such as rayon, chlorine and dioxin, which are unhealthy in the long run. With the environmental hazards caused by plastic such as pollution of the water bodies on a grand scale, destruction of water ecology, death and diseases of animals and the impacts of climatic change, many environmentally conscious companies have arisen to the challenge of developing organic solutions to this natural occurrence. One of such companies is OrganiCup, a company that produces menstrual cups for different categories of women. For honest reviews about OrganiCup, please read the comment left for the company by exiting customers.

    About OrganiCup
    OrganiCup was established in 2012 to reduce the environmental pollution caused by menstrual cycle products and provide a viable alternative. The initiative for OrganiCup was born in Copenhagen, Denmark and by 2014, the product had become available in about a hundred stores. There are different phases of the evolution of the product, and in 2016, the OrganiCup became Allergy-Certified. 2017 heralded the registration of the product with the Vegan Society, the First International launch in Belgium and Netherlands, and it presently stands at over 4,000 retailers globally. OrganiCup also launched the Global Periods project ‘to uncover the implications of menstruation in the lives of teenagers around the world’.

    Products and Services of OrganiCup
    OrganiCup is a menstrual cup that is available in three sizes – Mini for Teenagers, Size A for those who have not given birth and Size B for those who have given birth vaginally. Made of medical-grade silicone, OrganiCup is created for multiple uses, can be used for up to 12 hours, alleged to have been made cruelty free and lasts for years.

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    How to use a Menstrual Cup – In-depth Instructional Video

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