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Those who own a pet will know how much items these little animal companions might need. Your dog might want a dog bed, your cat might like some cat treats and your hamster should have a cage. So chances are that you are looking for a reliable and trustworthy company to supply you with such items. One of the shops that you can take a look at is Pets at Home. But what kind of quality pet food do they sell? Will it be delivered before your cat runs out? And are their cages strong enough to keep your little furred friend inside? Don’t just go off on their website. Trust people that have already shopped at Pets at Home before. Read their reviews with their experiences, comments, complaints, opinions and maybe even compliments. That way you can make an informed decision to shop at Pets at Home or not.

About Pets at Home

Pets at Home is a pet shop for animals and animal owners. They even call themselves “leading pet specialist” of the UK. The company was founded by Anthony Preston, who opened up the first shop in 1991. Now they sell many products. An example of this is their line of dog products like toy,s healthcare, kennels, beds, pens, training aids, dog food, food bowls, collars, leads and more. For puppies they offer cages, playpens, blankets, treats, harnesses, coats, puppy training aids and more, But they also offer products for your cat like littes, scratching post, scratching furniture, healthcare, cat carriers, cat grooming, beds, cat food etc. And for kittens they add kitten signs, nameplates, collars, leads, kitten treats, kitten food and more. But they also offer items for your smaller pet ferret, chinchilla, rat, hamster, rabbit, guinea pig, mouse or other small creature. For fish they offer ponds, aquariums, marine fish tanks, tank ornaments, plants, fish food and other products for cold water fish, tropical fish, And for reptiles they offer vivariums, healthcare, reptile books etc. And they have a range of products for birds and wildlife like bird cages, bird toys, cleaning supplies and more. Their brands include Eukanuba, BETA, Harringtons, Royal Canine, Felix etc. And not only do they offer pet products. According to their webpage, their also facilitate the largest veterinary business for small animals in the UK.

Pets at Home explains how to feed your guinea pig.

Services of Pets at Home

All of their products can be ordered via their website and delivered to your home. At their vet section, you can sign up for their regular flea and tick treatment so you can be sure that your dog or cat will never go through life unprotected.

Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Pets at Home

How satisfied are you and your dog, cat or small animal with the products from Pets at Home? Is their cat food good for the fur and health of your kitten? Do your dogs like their toys? And how do your hamster or fetter fare in one of their cages? Let us know via a customer review.

Do pets and pet owners like the dog beds, cat food, bird cages, leads and toys from Pets at Home? Read customer reviews about this online pet store.

Pets at Home
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Right choice

All those pet owners who are little bit worry about their pets food,and playing toys,beds etc,this shop can reduce worries.
I have two dogs and three cats. Normally we purchase pets food from different shops as per availability.
But "Pets at Home" may be a good and right choice to relax at home.
Visit their web site,select items you wish to buy for your pets, pay online and get all items by next day at your home.

By: Javed shaikh20-07-2018
Would buy here again

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