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    Jewellery is the finishing touch to your look. But since there is such a wide variety of shops that offers jewellery, it might not always be easy to find jewellery that meets your standards. So what is the best place to go to? One of the shops that offers jewellery is Pia Jewellery. But what is the quality of their jewellery? How long will it take for Pia Jewellery to deliver the necklace or bracelet at your home? How accessible will their website be? And what kind of customer service can you, as a customer, expect from the people working at their customer service department? Read reviews written by real customers of Pia Jewellery. Their experiences, comments, opinions and ratings can provide you with some answers to these questions. Afterwards, you will have a better view of what shopping at Pia Jewellery really means so you can make your own informed decision about shopping at their website or not.

    About Pia Jewellery

    Pia Jewellery is a shop that sells jewellery. In their jewellery section, you can find bracelets, watches, rings, necklaces, earrings, brooches and other jewellery. Their jewellery comes in styles like metellics, neutral, starts, moonlight shadow, rose noir, neutral etc. The materials range from pearl to rose gold and silver. And they use gemstones like blue topaz, diamond, opal and amethyst. Their earrings can also be found in a separate category with stud earrings, pearl earrings, drop earrings, statement earrings and more. The same goes for necklaces. These necklaces are subdivided into pendants, beads, drop necklaces, statement necklaces, charms and necklaces of various materials. Besides jewellery, they also offer bags like cross body bags, handbags, purses, tote bags, leather bags, clutch bags and shoulder bags. And they offer a range of other fashion accessories like clothing, jewellery essentials, scarves and more. If you’re shopping for someone else, you can visit their website for gift vouchers, birthstones, wedding gifts, jewellery storage, gifts with a message and other nice presents.

    Some examples of the jewellery offered by Pia Jewellery.

    Services of Pia Jewellery

    On their website, you can place an online order. Pia Jewellery will send the item or items right to your home via their delivery service. You can also request a catalogue so you can skim through their collection while spread out comfortably on your sofa. And they have an online newsletter that provides you with their latest news, new products and exclusive offers. If there is any problem or question you want to have sold, you can contact their customer service.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Pia Jewellery

    Do you already wear jewellery from Pia Jewellery? In that case, we would be grateful if you would tell us what you think about this shop. How long did you have to wait for your purchase to be delivered? What is your opinion on their jewellery? Had their customer service ever helped you out? How friendly are the people that work at Pia Jewellery? Please write a review and share your opinion on Pia Jewellery. Potential customers can read your review to get some idea of what Pia Jewellery is all about.

    What kind of quality can you expect at Pia Jewellery? Read customer reviews about their earrings, necklaces, bracelets, brooches, charms, pendants etc

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    Lovely earrings, I bought from here

    I have just, few days back bought a earring from it, it was the one of the most lovely and adorable designs I have seen.
    I got the delivery on time and I found it awesome.
    They have varied kind of designs which has multiple cultural influence on it, also multiple categories are there.
    Loved it.

    By: Nia Reeves24-04-2019
    Would buy here again

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