Ways to Use a Portable Washing Machine

Ways to Use a Portable Washing Machine

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Washing machines are large appliances that tend to become fixtures after placement at home. A regular washing machine is big, and it could also be challenging to undo the plumbing.

A portable washing machine allows you some flexibility when doing your laundry. You can get a portable washing machine for camping or a short hangout in your RV. You can check out Appliance City for household appliances like washing machines, dryers, and fridges for a good deal.

Besides its convenience, people also buy small washing machines because they tend to be cheaper and more space-saving.

This article will look at how to use a mini portable washing machine.

How to Use a Portable Washing Machine

1. Load the Laundry

First things first, you must know the drum size of the washing machine and how much load it can handle. If your clothes exceed the machine's load capacity, you won't enjoy the best service. You can evaluate how much your laundry weighs by simply weighing your dirty laundry basket. This should give you a fair idea of what your average laundry load weighs.

If you don't have a scale, keep this guide in mind: five shirts weigh roughly 1kg — that's the same thing a shirt and a pair of jeans weigh. This is not necessarily accurate to the T, but it could help you mentally evaluate the load.

Load the laundry into the washer and add liquid detergent. Liquid detergents are preferable because they don't have to dissolve. You can also add fabric softener to make it easier for the machine during the spin cycles.

2. Connect the Machine Hose to the Faucet

This is the only thing remotely close to plumbing that a portable washing machine requires. Portable washing machines come with a hose that can hook them to the faucet in the kitchen or bathroom. This would serve as the water source.

Also, keep an eye on the water limit. Most washing machines have a mark indicating how much water you should add. Exceeding that line could hinder the machine's smooth operation.

3. Plug-in Power

Portable washing machines use electricity too. So the only way to get any washing done is by plugging in power. However, note that most portable washing machines only work when plugged directly into the wall.

4. Drain the Machine After Wash

Most portable washing machines come with two hoses — one to fill, the other to drain. It is important to check the hoses so you can attach them to the faucet or sink as appropriate. Attach the drain hose tightly to the sink to drain the machine after washing.

4. Rinse, Spin, and Dry

Once you have drained the machine, refill it and set the rinse cycle timer. After this, carefully place the clothes in the spinner, set the spin cycle; then dry. You can shop for the best portable washing machine and dryer on Appliance Online. Appliance Online is an online store that sells household appliances.

Important things to Note

i. Before buying, check the machine nozzle to see that it perfectly fits your faucet and sink.

ii. Keep heavy materials out of a portable washing machine. They can't handle loads like duvets. Looking for larger washing machines? Check out stores like Myappliances to find the machine that fits your household needs. You can have a look at their reviews to speed up

iii. Don't overload the spinner compartment to prevent the machine from cranking up. Portable washing machines can get noisy.

iv. Screw the hose/nozzle tightly to the sink and faucet to prevent spills on your kitchen floor.

Portable washing machines may not handle the heavy-duty load as good as regular machines, but they are efficient and convenient. What's not to love in a machine you can move about?

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