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    Before your new puppy enters your home, it’s wise to think about all the stuff he or she will need. Of course you have already thought of a basket, collar and food, but sometimes your new pet deserves a little extra, even when he or she grows into an adult dog. So where can you get it? One of the companies that offer dog treats and other things dogs will love is Puppy Essentials. But what do they offer? What is included in their boxes? What will the quality of their products be? And what kind of customer service and delivery service does Puppy Essentials offer when you have some sort of question, complaint or problem? The best people to answer these questions are the people that shopped at Puppy Essentials before. Read their experiences, opinions, complaints and compliments as well as their experiences and ratings to find out if Puppy Essentials is a good shop for your pet.

    About Puppy Essentials

    Puppy Essentials is a company that offers dog treats. The company was founded by Kyle, Ben and Jimmy. They came up with the concept in 2016, so Puppy Essentials is a relatively new company. They offer all kinds of snack boxes for your dog. They offer, for instance, essential birthday boxes. They have Essential Dog Birthday boxes for girls, Essential Birthday Boxes for boys and a luxury birthday box. Their boxes contain items like birthday cupcakes, a personalised birthday card, a bottle of special dog beer and many other items. The boxes are suitable for dogs aged 3 months and older. If you want to receive a box on a regular basis, you can subscribe to their subscription boxes. That means you will get one of their boxes on a regular basis. Each month, the box will have a different theme. But every box comes with a least 2 toys and three treats. All of their products are eco-conscious. And they also offer the Essential Dog Treat Boxes and the Christmas Dog Treat Box. And there are special Essential Puppy starter boxes that contain everything for the new member of your household.

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    Services of Puppy Essentials

    You can order their boxes via their website. As mentioned before, it’s also possible to subscribe to their snack boxes and get a new box each month. £1 from every box that Puppy Essentials sells is given to UK dog charities. If you need any help or assistance, Puppy Essentials had a customer service that is willing and able to help you out.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Puppy Essentials

    Have you ever bought a box via Puppy Essentials? Then we would like to know what your experience with this company and their boxes full of dog treats and toys is. How easy was it to order a box from their website? Did you and your dog(s) like the content of the box? Did you indeed get a box each month? How varied is the content? And what kind of customer service does Puppy Essentials offer is there is any kind of complaint, problem or question? Write a review and share your Puppy Essentials with other dog owners so they will know if their snack boxes will be something nice for their dogs or not.

    How tasty will dogs find the treats from Puppy Essentials? And will they like their dog toys? Read customer reviews about their Essential boxes.

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    So lovely

    Truly good.
    Insisted by one friend to visit this website and I did.
    This shop is not useful for those who have no pets.
    I have subscribed "Puppy Essential".
    When I received first box for my pet contained cupcakes, bear, snacks and toys..Really nice
    Of you have pets of more then 3 months, try this..

    By: Tabassum Riyaz15-08-2018
    Would buy here again

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