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    Nothing is more refreshing than getting a good night’s sleep as it plays immerse roles in maintaining optimal health and well being. Countless research has shown that good quality sleep can improve your focus, enhance memory, reduce stress, enhance productivity, lose weight, improve relationships, and happier days, to name a few. But having a good night’s rest can be significantly influenced by your mattress and other beddings and comforters. However, most people don’t pay attention to their bed and are content sleeping on any queen size mattress they can find regardless of quality, type, and comfort. But this has shown to have adverse effects on our health. Experts have suggested that for a person to have a full night’s rest, their body must be well supported with no pressure point resting against your pressure-sensitive parts – shoulder, ankle, hip, and even ribs – while lying horizontally. Your spine must also be well aligned with other parts of your body, and your body weight must be evenly distributed across your frame and sleeping surface. The best mattress is said to offer all three sleep enhancers. The ideal mattress is often coil spring, latex, or medium-firm memory foam to ensure you are well supported, and the market is flooded with a range of these mattress types. However, one brand is taking the mattress and comfort technology up a notch with its patented machine that claims to use elastic polymers to create more comfortable mattresses. The company is known as Purple. To find out more about Purple’s product and how it can benefit your sleep, kindly read up unbiased reviews of the brand here from the ones left by their previous customers. Their views and comments can help you decide if Purple’s products are what you need for a good night’s rest.

    About Purple
    Purple is an American comfort technology company founded by two brothers, Tony, and Terry Pierce. The company started in 1989, creating carbon fibre sporting goods and wheelchairs. Later on, they founded EdiZone LLC and owned over 20 trademarks in cushioning materials, hyper-elastic polymers, and fluids. In 2013, they patented a machine which they named Mattress Max that allowed them to create and mould large pieces of elastic polymers into mattresses. In 2015, they founded Purple and started a campaign for a king-sized bed that was launched in September of that same year. Purple is headquartered in Utah, US, and serves customers in the United States and Canada.

    Products and services of Purple
    Purple offers a wide variety of elastic polymer mattresses, pillows, sheets, mattress protectors, adjustable beds, seat cushions, back cushions, bed platforms, and foundations, etc. The following mattresses are available on the website: The Purple Mattress, Purple Hybrid, Purple Hybrid Premier, etc. Their collection of pillows includes the Purple Harmony, Purple Plush, Purple pillow, and more. Purple’s seat cushions’ range consists of the Ultimate Cushion, Double Cushion, Royal Cushion, etc. They also offer a variety of pet beds and accessories.

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    Purple is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Homeware.

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