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    If you are looking for some home decoration, you might find that there are more shops that you can choose from than you originally thought. This might make the choice for which shop to choose quite difficult. One of the shops that you can take a look at is Red Candy. But will they sell what you are looking for? What kind of quality products do they offer? How long will it take for your photo frames, wallpaper or clock to arrive? Will their gifts be in time for a birthday or other occasion? And if something goes wrong with your order or the product is faulty is there a customer service that can help you to set things right? Read all that and more in customer reviews left by customers that have already ordered at Red Candy. Read their reviews and find out what this company is all about and what you can expect from them.

    About Red Candy

    Red Candy is a company that sells home decoration. Originally the shop only sold red products, hence the name Red Candy. Every product in their shop was red. Now they sell their products in many flashy colours like yellow, blue, purple, green, brown, wood, white and even metallic. The only colour that they hate is beige, which is why their catchphrase is “shut up, beige!”. They sell clocks like wall clocks, world time clocks, sunburst clocks, mantel clocks, desk clocks, kitchen timers, photo frame clocks and more. They also sell photo frames like floor standing photo frames, desk photo frames and wall photo frames in all sizes. Their category of accessories contains furniture, lightning, 3D wall paper, vases, bread bins, ornamental houseware, kitchen storage solutions, pet accessories, rugs, cushions, art prints, coat hooks, wall stickers, retro telephones, organisers, tableware, Christmas decor, mirrors and many more.

    A video on how to make a perfect red candy apple. Not a video from Red Candy shop, but it's something they'd appreciate.

    Services of Red Candy

    You can order their products from their website. It is possible to shop by kind of product, but if you have a favourite colour it’s also possible to sort the product by colour and choose from the assortment of products in the colour that you like. You can also sort by room and find the items for your kitchen, living room etc. Red Candy will send the items to your home. If you encounter any problems you can contact them via the contact information on their website. They can also be found on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Polivore, Instagram and their own blog.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Red Candy

    Have you ever ordered home decoration or one of their more functional items at the website of Red Candy? In that case, we would love to hear about your experience. Are you satisfied with the items you received? Did they keep to the promised delivery period that is stated on their website? And if a product was faulty, did customer service help you out or were they being difficult? Let us know via a customer review.

    Does Red Candy sell products in other colours than red? Read reviews about their photo frames, wallpaper, home decoration, clocks, lightning, rugs etc

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    Amazing and completely dashing products

    I really like the varieties they have for home decor. Recently I was planning to change my room's color as old one was too dull and boring. So this, I tried red color. Not just that, dark shade in red color with white combination. I love my room and how everything is changed.
    Apart from this, I changed my home décor and ordered some products from here. All of them is really good in quality. Money is great as well.

    By: Megan17-10-2017
    Would buy here again

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