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Rolawn is a seller who guided me to prepare a lawn in my newly constructed house. Not easy at all, I changed and mixed my lawn area with topsoil Though my lawn area is not big, but more then 80...Read on
Mark Smith
I have your Money please go away buyer beware IF I COULD GIVE O STARS I WOULD Both Video can be found on YouTube under the following title. GARDEN LANDSCAPED SEPT 2020 GRASS SUPPLIED 02/...Read on

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    Would buy here again

    Nice , a right point to make green world

    Rolawn is a seller who guided me to prepare a lawn in my newly constructed house.
    Not easy at all,
    I changed and mixed my lawn area with topsoil
    Though my lawn area is not big, but more then 80 bags of topsoil supplied by Rolawn and then seeds for making it green area. Today I have a wonderful green lawn ans now started flowers and some useful planting.

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    Would buy here again


    I have your Money please go away buyer beware

    Both Video can be found on YouTube under the following title.

    02/03/2021 Reported issue with the Turf,
    Video can be found on YouTube

    I have emailed Rowlawn today, hopefully they will be willing to do something! The grass looks fine in that picture, so I’m not sure what has happened


    22/03/2021 Hello, I’m a landscaper in Barnstaple, Devon. I called today and spoke to one of your customer service team and informed them of problem with the turf on two lawns that I installed late last year. The lawns have both been cared for correctly and not cut too short, but the grass has gone brown and very patchy.It looks like it could be diseased?! I have purchased a lot of turf from you through Travis Perkins in the past and haven’t had this problem before. It seems very strange that they were laid at similar times


    Hello Mark,
    This is what I have received back from Rolawn, I’ll answer questions 1-5 but can you email me back with answers to the rest? Thanks

    Hello Helena,
    I and the customer have answered your questions below Where was the turf purchased from? Was it direct with Rolawn, or thought a stockist? Through Travis Perkins
    If the delivery was made via Rolawn, please can you provide us with a postcode? YES
    When did the turf get delivered? SEPTEMBER 2020
    How was the ground prepared before laying the turf? OLD TURF REMOVED, SOIL ROTOVATED AND LEVELLED
    Did you import any topsoil, if yes, which one, and how much? NO
    Did you feed the turf at the time of laying? NO
    Have you fed the lawn since, if yes, how often and with what? NO
    Has the lawn been watered and how often? at 2 times every day for first week and every other day another 2 - 3 weeks
    When did you first notice the issue? Mid Jan 2021
    When did you first mow the lawn? It was around 5 inches in length
    How often do you mow the lawn? 7 - 10 days
    What happened when you first started noticing the issue? big patches of brown earth appeared
    Is the lawn subject to foot traffic? NO
    Do you have a dog? NO
    Have you started any remedial work, if so when and what? NO

    Many thanks for coming back to us with the additional information. Unfortunately, we are still at a bit of a loss as to why the lawn has deteriorated, so I hope you don’t mind answering another couple of quick questions?

    The lawn was first mown when it was around 5 inches in length – when was this? And was this before or after an issue was noticed?
    Before / 4 weeks approximately
    What did the previous lawn look like/why was it replaced?
    Grass good replaced Due to having the garden landscaped
    Was any mould or discolouration noticed before the lawn started to die off? No
    Have any grubs (Leatherjackets or Chafer Grubs) been seen in the soil?

    And I had no issues with the previous lawn, so I feel the issue is with the new turf supplied by Rolawn

    I’m sorry to have to ask for more information but this is very much a process of elimination at this stage.

    31/03/2021 After looking at feedback re Rowland online I think I need a price to replace the Lawn I do not hold out much hope re any assistants except a lot of hot air talk is cheap it doesn’t replace diseased Turf. I would want it supplied from another turf supplier
    Kind regards

    02/04/2021As you thought Rolawn wouldn’t except liability for the dead turf.To take up the old stuff and lay new from another company, you would be looking at around £300 + vat but like I said, I’m so busy, I will struggle to get there this year! I’m guessing you want it done before then.
    Many Thanks,

    02/04/2021 I informed the landscaper that i would be posting said issue and to pass on to Rowlawn

    02/04/2021 I will do mate, I’m not going to use them anymore either
    Many Thanks,

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Are you thinking of looking for some premiumtopsoil to give your flower beds some quality foundations? Or are you looking to turf over that patio area to extend your green space? Rolawn is Europe’s largest producer of cultivatedturf and Britain’s number one supplier of softlandscaping supplies. With over 40 years experience, Rolawn offers a guaranteed quality on all their products and represent a name you can trust.

About Rolawn

In 1975, the Rolawn brand began life by selling 2000 meters of turf in a year. As the company grew from strength to strength, the figure now sits at several million meters per year representing the benchmarkfor quality and service achieved through advancing production processes, innovation and long-term attention to detail. Founded in Aberdeen, Leslie Dawson began growing turf in controlled conditions with the aim of producing top-quality ‘no-wait’ grass to satisfy the growing popularity of leisure activities e.g. golf courses. The company soon moved to York in search of the ‘soil supercentre’ that was rumored about the area’s undergrowth. The 1980’s saw the decision to start catering for the domestic, landscaping and building markets too – requiring different grades and types of turf, including the UK’s first ‘washed turf’. The launch of the new century allowed Rolawn to launch their successful online platform, revolutionising their sales and accessibility. Another new venture saw the extension into the high-quality topsoil market, supplying their products in bulk bags for the ease of customers. As the company continues to grow further, the development of Profresh technology and better automation within turf production ensures that Rolawn will remain a the forefront of the industry for many years to come. Rolawn’s turf, topsoil and mulch products have facilitated the success of many award-winning gardens at the RHS horticultural shows including Gold Medal at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show in 2016 for the conceptual garden by Tony Smith. Recognising and reducing environmental impacts is integral to Rolawn’s business strategy and the company has been awarded the Green Achiever Gold Award to prove their efforts.

Services offered by Rolawn

The main groups of products available online include turf, topsoil, bark, mulch, soil improver, and lawn care products. There is a wealth of information online to ensure that you pick the right turf for your needs. Topsoil is available in different blends including loam, turf and lawn seeding, and beds and borders. Mulch improves the look of beds and borders and reduces the need for weeding – these products come with extensive guides and tips on how to apply for the best results. A range of delivery services is on offer and varies depending on the quantity and size of the order. Standard delivery is £4.99 for orders under £50 and free for orders over this. Express delivery is free on turf and £15 per order for bags. Other options are available.

Customer Reviews: Advise other customers and share your experiences with Rolawn.

Have you ever purchased from Rolawn? Did you receive the items you ordered? Were you happy with them? How was the delivery service? What are your thoughts on the range and pricing of items online? Would you recommend to others? All feedback is useful, whether it is positive or negative – so share your thoughts and help others make the right choice.

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