Small Microwaves: Finding the Perfect One For You

Small Microwaves: Finding the Perfect One For You
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Today, many appliances are miniature versions of their original sizes and microwaves have not been left out of this transformation. Small microwave ovens pack more functions than microwaves built twenty years ago. Of course, there are still large microwaves, but when you compare them to older models, you will find that they offer better cooking solutions. Want a small microwave oven for your office? Check the list of stores in the UK selling the appliance.

A mini microwave is perfect for students with small dorm spaces, offices, and travel. They are portable and fit into nearly every space. You can check online stores like Boots Kitchen Appliances for small microwaves for a caravan.

However, size is not the only thing to consider when shopping for a small microwave oven. Else, you might get a microwave that saves space but doesn't satisfy your cooking needs.

This article will explore some factors to consider to find the microwave that is perfect for you.

How Big is Small?

Small microwaves come in different sizes. To find the size that is just right for you, you must measure your kitchen space. If you intend to fit it into a cabinet, microwave shelf, or underneath a counter, it helps to keep the dimensions in mind when looking for the perfect mini microwave.

A Microwave That Can Fit a Dinner Plate or Smaller

You already know that mini microwaves are small — but how small should the insides be? There are microwaves so small that they can not fit a dinner plate. A small interior capacity can be inconvenient, depending on how you plan to use your microwave. Generally, microwaves that measure about 0.7 cubic feet can accommodate a plate. If you get something smaller, you might have to microwave it in portions. How you intend to use the small microwave oven will inform your choice.

If you are a student, you probably want something that can fit a plate; if the microwave is for office use, it could be smaller. Need small dining plates? Donaghybros deals in kitchenware — find out what customers say about them.

More Watts, More Heat

Small microwaves save space, but how much heat can they generate? The wattage is an essential feature of a microwave. Mini microwaves generally have smaller wattage; manufacturers know that most people with small models do not use the appliance heavily. Many small microwaves fall within the 600 - 700 watts range. While this might be low, it would still be perfect if you only intend to use it for popcorn on movie nights or heating leftover food.

However, if you want to do more with the microwave — say cooking and grilling, you should consider mini microwaves of 1000+ watts. Looking for a microwave with this wattage? Read customer reviews about electronic stores to find legit retail outlets.

What Additional Features Would You Like?

Small microwaves pack a punch, but they don't have the fancy features of larger models. Although these features are not essential, they improve the cooking experience. Whether it is a popcorn mode, a silent mode, an air fryer, or preprogrammed time settings, you can still expect some features on a small microwave. So consider which features better suit your cooking needs when shopping for one.

What is Your Budget?

Small microwaves are cheaper. However, the prices vary depending on the size, internal capacity, wattage, and extra features.


Buying a mini microwave scores good points on many levels. It is space-saving and budget-friendly, but you must be careful not to buy one that is too small for your needs. Ready to buy a small black microwave to match your decor? Browse through online webshops like Appliance Electronics to get one.

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