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    Sleep is very vital for our general well-being as humans, however, most of our daily activities tend to distract us from having a good sleep. Unfortunately, no matter how much you try to be active, without a night of good sleep, you can't have a productive day at work. A poor sleeping habit has a negative effect on both our physical and mental health, depriving us of the needed concentration necessary to have a productive day. A lot of factors are known to be responsible for a poor sleeping lifestyle, but one appears to be common in today's world, which is frequent exposure to blue light from our gadgets, such as smartphones, laptops, tablets and more. Having constant exposure to these lights coming from our devices can have adverse effects on sleeping hormone, causing sleepless nights. This is even worse, as it is very difficult to avoid contact with these devices since we are in a digital world. In fact, most people's work is done mainly on these devices. Nevertheless, we still need to protect our eyes from these lights, in order to have a healthy sleeping habit. Swanwick Sleep claims to offer customers with glasses that helps control blue light penetration, as well as other sleeping products. For the best experience, we suggest you read honest customer reviews of Swanwick Sleep here before considering using any of their products and services.

    About Swanwick Sleep
    Swanwick Sleep is an eyewear and blue light control specialist, founded by two Australian brothers, James and Tristan Swanwick, in 2014 after a long struggle with sleepless nights. The company is alleged to have been featured in global publications including, Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur, New York Times, HuffPost, Strategist, Forbes, Mashable, Digital Trends, CNN underscored, Business Insider, Men's Health and more. Swanwick Sleep boasts of producing blue light blocking swannies that have been worn by biohacking experts, entrepreneurs, US military, prominent actors, NBA, NFL, MLB players, Olympians and other professional sportspeople.

    Products and services of Swanwick Sleep
    Swanwick Sleep offers customers with such products as day swannies, night swannies, sunglasses, swannies accessories and other sleeping products. Some of the swannies accessories you might find in their collections includes eyeglass case, eyewear care kit, and a lens cleaning cloth. Swanwick Sleep offers other sleeping products including, sleeping mask, anti-blue light LED bulb, sleep hypnotherapy, sound blocking earplugs, aromatherapy diffuser, and sleep tea. Swanwick Sleep alleges to scrutinize their night swannies through an independent product validation by SleepScore Labs, to prove its effectiveness in helping people sleep better. They claim to offer customers with a 30-days return policy on their orders.

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