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    No one can deny that technology is a big part of out modern society. Therefore, we need to prepare our children for coding and other skills that are needed to keep up with inventions and new trends. But how can you do that? Technology Will Save Us is a company that offers kits that learns children about coding in a playful way. But how enjoyable will their toy play kits really be? Will they also be educational? Will your children actually play with the items? And what can you and other customers tell us about Technology Will Save Us’s delivery service and customer service? Will their staff really be friendly and helpful? The best answers to these questions are given by parents that have already shopped at Technology Will Save Us before. Their reviews can help us to find out if Technology Will Save Us is the kind of shop that might help your child to stay in the game.

    About Technology Will Save Us

    Technology Will Save Us is a company that offers educational technology kits for children. Bethany Koby and Daniel Hirschman established Technology Will Save Us. The company was founded in 2013, so they are a recent player on the market. Yet, they already sold over 40,000 kits and operate in 89 countries. They have partnerships with companies such as Google, Code Club, the Prince’s Trust and BBC. According to Technology Will Save Us ‘s website, 65% of today’s children will work in a job that hasn’t even been invented yet. After all, did you imagine working in IT when you are little? Therefore, they want children to learn new skills that can be useful later in life and prepare them for technological advances of the future. There are all sorts of kits available. There is an electro machines kit, techno sound kit, synth kit, bright creatures kit, gamer kit, thirty plant kit, electro dough kit, speaker kit, and more. You can buy a single kit, but you can also buy a bundle that combines several kits. Examples are their crafty coder kit, complete dough universe set, music star pack, family craft pack, sports lover pack and many others.

    Make your own stutter synth with DIY synth kit.

    Services of Technology Will Save Us

    The kits from Technology Will Save Us can be ordered online via their website. As mentioned above, there are several kits and you can choose a single pack or order a bundle. Technology Will Save Us’s delivery service will send the item right to your kid’s home. There is also a customer service that is available when you have any questions or problems.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for Technology Will Save Us

    Have you ever ordered a kit from Technology Will Save Us? If so, we would love to hear more about this educational technology company. How easy was it to order a kit or bundle via their website? Did your child like the dough universe, sports pack or another kit? Did it take long for their customer service to deliver the pack? And what kind of customer service has this educational company ever provided for you? Please write a review and tell us all about Technology Will Save Us.

    Will your child be ready for his or her future with a kit from Technology Will Save Us? Read customer reviews about their educational technology kits.

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    I appreciate it

    Great work,great products indeed.
    I have two kits from you STEM range and Electro Dough Plus, very very affordable prices and this is much much better then to waste time on stupid video games.
    So I appreciate such kind of products but yes this also a matter and interest of choice of kids.
    I will insist those parents whose kids are keen in such activities must go for such creative and fruitful products for future.

    By: Natrajan 20-12-2018
    Would buy here again

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