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    Sent out wrong item, refuse to collect it and send the correct item

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    Ordered a few times from this company and this will be my last. I received my order today which was meant to be the pandora reflections bracelet in rose gold at a cost of £125 only to receive the silver bracelet at a cost of £55. I called them straight away for them to tell me it’s a human error. I asked them to collect it and deliver a new one at the same time however they don’t offer this service. So I now have to waste more of my time packing the item back up and taking it to the post office to then post the item back to them then I have to call them once I have sent the item back to them as they can’t even call me back. All this has to be done before they will send out the correct item. They offered a £5 gift voucher but that’s a joke. It will cost me more than that to take it to the post office and let’s not forget the time I have to waste doing this. All because someone in there wearhouse clearley needs to go to spec savers as they can’t read and tell the difference between rose gold and silver. I cant help but wonder how many times they have done this to other people hoping they could get away with it. The word conmen springs to mind!

    This is mean5 to be a mother day gift but will be lucky if it gets hear in time now.

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