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    A part of a plant that grows under the ground is called root. It helps the plant to grow fast in the soil. It can also be referred to as the receiving rooms of the plant industry and one of the major functions of root to plant is to get water and minerals from the soil. A lot of crops are stems like potato tubers. Consumable roots which include beet, carrot, turnip, parsnip, radish, yam, carrot, sarsaparilla, sassafras, cassava, sweet potato, rutabaga, liquorice etc. Some of the spices that can be gotten from roots which are beneficial to one’s health are angelica, sarsaparilla, liquorice and sassafras. One of the important sources of sugar is Sugar beet while yam roots are a source of estrogen compounds that can be used as childbirth control drugs. Some nutritionists have gone far in researching the benefits of roots to mankind. In so doing, they have converted and combined various roots to give us good and sound health, instead of consuming genetically modified organisms (GMO) foods and drugs which are dangerous to one’s health. The Maca Team claims to have maca products that are organically grown, non-GMO, fairly traded, gluten-free, potent and fresh. You may wish to try them today for your maca products, but ensure you read about an honest customer reviews from those who have used their services in the past before patronizing them.

    About The Maca Team
    The Maca Team was founded in September 2008 having Mark Ament as the Executive Assistant to CEO and claims to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of high quality organic Peruvian grown Maca products. The Maca Team also claims to sell only the freshest maca product and harvest just once per annum which is between June and August with equal and fair prices for all its customers.

    Products of The Maca Team
    The Maca Team has different kinds of Maca products for your healthy living which are Black Maca for stamina, muscle building, male fertility and libido, mental focus, bone health, memory and overall athletic performance. Red Maca is also a Maca product that helps to improve fertility in female, increase in libido, overall hormone balance, relief of menopause symptoms, prostrate health, mood uplifting, relief from acne and overall energy boost. Some of their product also includes Yellow Maca, Tri-Color Maca, Organic Maca Capsules, Liquid Maca Extracts, Maca Chips, Maca Coffee, Maca Samplers and Maca Accessories.

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    Have you ever used the products of The Maca Team? Then kindly drop your experience and feedback here about your experience finding and using their products. How easy was it to access The Maca Team? How affordable were the products of The Maca Team? Did The Maca Team meet your expectations based on the information gotten or not? What tips do you have for other people who want to use their products as a supplement? Would you recommend The Maca Team products to others? What is your take about the quality of their products? Your reviews will come in handy in helping other people know if they can rely upon The Maca Team for their Maca Products.

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