Things to Look For in a Massage Chair

Things to Look For in a Massage Chair

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Massage therapy helps unknot the tension in your backs, necks, and waists, but visiting massage parlours is a periodic activity. You can meet professional therapists to help you out. Otherwise, a massage chair is also an effective solution.

Sitting in a massage chair is a convenient means of relieving the pain. Like other home accessories, massage chairs are not the same hence the need to consider certain factors before buying.

Aside from reading customer reviews, what other things can help us buy the perfect chair? This article will explore these factors.

1. Massage Features

This is the number one factor to consider. Massage chairs all have different features, and your needs will determine the kind you should buy. Some massage chairs prioritize foot massage, neck massage, and back massage, while others aim to target all of these body parts. Others allow for a variety of therapies and movements. Some include rolling, Shiatsu, heat therapy, kneading, sound, zero-gravity recline, etc. All these features improve the massage experience, and you must choose one with your preferred features.

2. Budget

Price will always be a crucial factor to consider when choosing the perfect massage chair. The best massage chairs generally fall between £700 to £12000, and the price depends on how many features the massage chairs pack. If you have a slim budget, the best thing to do is to buy a massage chair with the most preferred features.

3. Massage Chair Tracks

Massage chairs are designed in different curvatures to support your spine and back. The most common chair tracks are the L-shape, S-shape, and the J-shape. The L-shape extends from the neck to the gluteus and is the longest of the trio. The S-shape covers from the neck through to the lumbar region. Although the L-shape covers more body regions, the S-shape allows for more flexibility. The J-shape, on the other hand, combines both attributes. Spine length varies depending on height. If one intends to use the chair for family use, it is important to check whether the chair has adjustable rollers.

4. Massage Intensity

The primary function of massage chairs is to massage, and it achieves this through vibratory mechanisms. You should be able to set the intensity of this vibration depending on the degree of pressure your body needs. A wider intensity range will give you the freedom to up the ante whenever you choose, and you will appreciate this feature in the long run. If it doesn't have a wide range of intensity, your body will get accustomed to it quickly, and it will not offer effective stimulation.

5. Size and Location

Massage chairs are not regular-sized chairs; they are built for maximum comfort. They could fit in the bedroom or sitting room, but it is best to place the massage chair in a location where it doesn't take up a lot of space unless you want it to dominate your room like a throne. Bottom line: get the size that fits your space.

Other factors include warranty options, durability, ease of use, and upholstery. An apple a day might keep the doctor away, but it is a massage chair that will spare you a trip to the chiropractor.

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