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    Amazing designes at good price

    Dev Quinn24-09-2017
    Would buy here again: YES









    Recently I needed tiles for my room and bathroom as the old one was damaged. so I ordered my tiles from tile giant, its amazing, designs are perfect, size is awesome and the price is according to my bank account. well, why I prefer to buy again from this company? here are my reasons :
    First, it saves me lots of time. instead of looking for tiles in shops and shops, and bargain with them if I found something according to my like I really prefer to sit on my sofa, enjoying pancakes and coffee and booking ties from here.
    second, i got a huge choice in types of tiles from here, not only in shape or design but extra stuff that can be required for example, in winter tiles got too damn cold so i booked underfloor heating with my set of tiles. It had been 6 months and the whole thing is working great.
    third thing, I really want to shop again from this company because the services i got and their delivery timing is perfect. i think its an huge plsu point.

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