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    The knife is one of the earliest tools known to man, estimated to be almost three million years old. The earliest knives were made from wood, stones and bones, but over the years, as humanity and civilization evolved, different metals became used. Knives are a highly versatile set of tools, important for domestic use like cooking meals with options such as chef’s knife, paring knife, bread knife, steak knife and so on, and also used for security use (daggers, hunting, butchering, weapons and other such uses. Today, knives are made with a combination of materials, with the handles sometimes made with materials like wooden, plastic, rubber, leather or stainless steel while the blades can be made with iron, titanium, copper, and different types of steel. Another defining part of knives is the features of the blade, whether it is serrated or otherwise. In some cultures, knives have ceremonial, religious and/or superstitious uses, and such knives are created with special attention to detail. All in all, knives are functional tools that are useful across several professions, like surgery, cooking, military, construction workers and others. The industrial revolution made access to knives more commonplace, and today, knives are no longer a rarity in society. As a major part of the tools needed for industrial and construction services alongside the domestic, companies such as Tyrolit Life claim to provide a variety of knives, among many other tools. For honest customers reviews about Tyrolit Life, read the independent comments left for the company by their existing and past clients before you patronize the brand.

    About Tyrolit Life
    Tyrolit Life is a part of the Swarovski Group which was established over a hundred years ago. The Tyrolit Life brand was established in 2014 to develop industrial-grade of abrasive, grinding, drilling and dressing solutions for everyday applications. The company has a presence in 11 countries, with 29 production sites and manufactures about 80,000 different products to serve three industries. Tyrolit Life is a family-run business and is headquartered in Schwaz, Austria.

    Products and services of Tyrolit Life
    The products offered by Tyrolif Life are Bread Knife, Cooking Knife, Fly Wheel Cut Knife, Cheese Knife, different colours of Knife Block Plus, Knife Set for Beginners, Experts, Classic, Universal, Jausenpaket, and Fillet & Tranche, Ham Knife, Santoku Knife, Spike Knife, Cutting Board, Steak Knife, Knife Sharpeners and Touring Knife. The company also produces different types of Knife Sharpeners, Combination Stone, Oven Gloves, Pizzastein, Grinding Flix, Tyfix, Tyropol, Wetsteine and Nail Files, as well as Sports and Leisure category of products. Tyrolit Life also offers delivery services.

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    TYROLIT life is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Homeware.

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