Under-counter Fridge: Ultimate Buying Guide

Under-counter Fridge: Ultimate Buying Guide
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An under-counter fridge is a lifesaver if you are dying for space in your kitchen and still need a fridge to stand somewhere close by.

There are many reasons why you should own such a small item. You can read people’s opinions about such appliances on BritainReviews.

However, buying an under-the-counter fridge is not an easy task. You have to know what you are looking for and the best household appliances store to get cheap under-counter fridges. Therefore, we have put together some guidelines to help you go about it smoothly. But before that, let’s get a brief look at what under-counter fridges are all about.

What is an under-counter fridge?

An under-counter fridge is a mini fridge fashioned to fit under the counter and blend in with cabinets and shelves. Their primary usage is to act as an alternative room for extra food storage. And that is not all; this type of fridge could easily pass for a beer fridge, as it is used to store beverages and drinks. It can come in handy when hosting a couple of friends.

However, under-counter fridges differ from mini fridges because they are made to fit into your kitchen and come with temperature regulators.

Meanwhile, here is your guide:

1. Do you know the type you want?

There are different types of under-counter fridges; you have to be conversant with the types to know what you need. Do you want a black under-counter fridge or an under-counter fridge with an icebox? In the latter case, if you are into frequent ice shakes, it will serve you better. These fridges come with different models and specs. If you have had experiences with mini fridges, it will be easier to understand how smaller fridges work and why it is important to get one that is just right for you.

2. A fridge or an under-counter fridge freezer?

An under-counter fridge freezer is an under-counter fridge with both a fridge compartment and a separate small freezer. This is great if you want to store both fresh and frozen foods in the same place. If this is what you need, buying a mere under-counter fridge is wrong. There are many great places to buy such appliances from. These shopping website reviews may be of great help.

3. What do you intend to store?

If you want one that will keep your beer bottles chilled, you need an under-counter beer fridge. If it is wine, an under-counter wine fridge is what you need. There may be specific products that may fit one need and be wrong for another.

For instance, after reading Maxima Kitchen Equipment reviews, you purchase their model or an Argos under-counter fridge only because you heard they are both reliable brands, it may be true, but not suitable for your beer storage needs. What you need is a beer fridge that offers the right temperature for beer storage.

4. Take measurements

Failure to take measurements may lead you to end up with an under-counter fridge that won’t fit in the intended space. Know the width and length of your space and buy accordingly. If you are buying an under-counter fridge that comes with drawers, be sure there will be room to open drawers and enough space for exhaust clearances.

5. Where should you buy from?

There are many reputable brands selling under-counter fridges. Reading reviews and opinions of customers such as this one on Sonic Direct will help you greatly.


Considering all the points raised above will help you buy the right under-counter fridge that will serve you well.

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