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A fact of life is that everyone gets old sooner or later. And sometimes, getting older comes with conditions such as memory loss and Dementia. Fortunately, there are products that can help you hold on to your memories just a bit longer. They can remind you of the past and things that need to be done. But where can you find such products? One of the shops that sell them is Unforgettable. But what kind of shop is this? What will the quality of their products be? How useful are these products, really? Will the delivery arrive before you forget ever ordering something from Unforgettable? And what is Unforgettable’s customer service department like? Read customer reviews to see what other people think of this webshop and their products. These customers’s experiences, opinions and ratings can help you decide if shopping at Unforgettable might be worth a chance or not.

About Unforgettable

Unforgettable is a company that offers products for people with memory loss. The company was founded by James Ashwell, whose mother suffered from Dementia. He established Unforgettable because he believes there is plenty of life to be lived for people will dementia and that some products and services can really make a difference for these people. In their shop, you can find various products that can help people with memory loss. Examples of these products are memory phones, signs, labels, day clocks, big button picture phones, GPS trackers, call-to-mind conversation game, day clocks with reminder, personal alarms, locators, pill reminders, special calendar clocks, memory calendars and more. They also offer daily living products for bathing, eating, drinking, clothing, incontinence and mobility. Think of things like keep warm eating kits, unbreakable wine glasses, anti-spill mugs, scooters etc. There are also some activities that can help. Unforgettable offers activities for conversation, reminiscence, jigsaw puzzles, games, music players, easy tablets, planning aids, organisation aids, gardening tools, sensory activities, arts & crafts supplies etc. For your wellbeing, they offer help books, medicine management, sleeping aids, automatic pill dispensers, soothing artificial companion pets, secure pill storage solutions etc. Your home can be adjusted with smart lighting, telephones, locators, reminders, monitors, detectors, GPS trackers, music equipment, bathroom aids, helpful furniture and more.

The story of Unforgettable's founder.

Services of Unforgettable

The products displayed on Unforgettable are available to be ordered online. Their delivery service will send them to your home. If you sign up for their online newsletter, you will be given regular articles, free advice, access to their free boos and 10% off your first order from their webshop. And there is a customer service department that can help you out if you have a question, problem or complaint.

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Have you ever ordered something via Unforgettable? Then we would like to know what your experience with this company is their products is. How useful are their products? Do they really help you to remember the important things in life? Are the products also easy enough to handle for someone who does not remember complicated instructions? And what kind of delivery service and customer service does Unforgettable offer? Write a personal review and tell us all about it.

Will the products from Unforgettable help you remember the important things in life? Read customer reviews about their aids for dementia & memory loss

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Great Products, truly

One button Radio, one cycle and clothes purchased from here last time for some one very special facing some disability .In fact I was not aware, such items can so pleased my love, and dear friends I will suggest even if you don't see any disabled people in your relation ,help someone .
This is a noble work to please someone by small effort .
Thanks "Unforgettable"

By: Rosina27-09-2018
Would buy here again

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