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    Cleaning your equipment is a must but care must be observed when cleaning as using the wrong substance could damage your high valued equipment. Most manufacturers often indicate in the instructor’s handbook what type of material should be used in cleaning the equipment they have manufactured. For public outlets such as a government library or science centres with many computers, using some of the cleaning agents is important as more than one person uses the equipment. In nearly, all commercial building, the use of various technologies and the presence of electronic equipment cannot be avoided, like other surfaces in such building, electronics require regular cleaning and maintenance. Keeping high-tech devices clean is becoming a big problem, especially in healthcare-related facilities. Research has shown that the average computer keyboard, harbours more germs than a public toilet seat and because more than one person uses the same computer console, dirty keyboards can lead to cross-contamination and the spread of infectious pathogens. Uvisan is a company that makes disinfectant used to sanitize equipment. We understand you have a concern about the company and their products, so we suggest you read unbiased customer reviews of Uvisan to decide whether their products and services suit your need.

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    Uvisan is a company that specialises in retailing a different range of disinfectant for equipment such as phones and laptops. Some of the key industries, this applies to include healthcare, education, retail, engineering, and technology. They claim to have a third-party lab certificate verifying that their product does kill viruses on equipment. Uvisan also asserts that their equipment operates within safe limits. After observing standard usage, they claim that their equipment offers no impact to equipment placed inside. They claim their cabinet are designed in a way that prevents the escape of radiation.

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    For people working in offices, this technology claims to be an alternative to wipes as Uvisan provides a disinfectant for sanitizing the equipment. Their disinfectant is used in disinfecting laptops, tablets, headsets, and other technology, tools and devices. A secure Magnetic RingLock is built into their product, this provides three charging zones, magnetic and fast charging cables, this keeps all your devices charged on the go. With their product, you not only disinfect the equipment, but you can also charge them while disinfecting. Their equipment comes in different grades and sizes.

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    How did you get to hear about Uvisan and for how long have you used their products? Would you describe their product as top quality or mediocre? Since you commenced using their disinfectant on your equipment, are they better off than there were? Did you notice any defect when you purchased their product? In contrast with competitors, how well will you say they have fared? In terms of the health and safety of your staff, has it improved? Would you recommend their products to others? Give their products a rating on a scale of 1 to 10. Let us know by leaving an unbiased appraisal of Uvisan as your feedback and experiences will be a great place for prospects to start.

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    Uvisan is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Electronics.

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