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    When we sleep, our physical body is in a condition of rest for our conscious mind. However, the multiple functions, communications and interactions that make for a healthy body are constantly ongoing, and so, when we sleep, it does not mean that our heart stops working, or that our brains go to sleep too, or that our liver, heart, kidneys or even skin would be on hold until we come awake. So what happens when we sleep? It is the period when a lot of biological processes happen, for instance, the brain stores new information and rids itself of toxic wastes during sleep, nerve cells communicate and reorganize, thereby supporting brain function, and the body repairs cells, energy is restored and molecules like hormones and proteins are released. Indeed, inadequate sleep can cause not only physical fatigue, but mental and psychological challenges, and even mood swings that can hamper the health of an individual. Sleep quality is greatly affected by the quality of mattress, beddings and environment. A lumpy mattress or scratchy bedding can cause discomfort that would translate to disjointed sleep or outright sleeplessness, either of which is still unacceptable options. Furthermore, the right mattress reducing and relieves aches and pains because it provides support to the body and ensures healthy posture even in sleep. On the contrary, a bad mattress is a recipe for back pain, neck pain and hip pain. Most mattresses can house dust mites, dead skin cells and other dirt, which can lead to developing or triggering of allergic reactions if not properly cleaned, but some mattresses are particularly prone to housing this dirt because of their makeup. Consequently, investing in a good bed is not a luxury, but a necessity to ensure that one’s quality of life is preserved. What’s more, you will be spending a significant chunk of your life in the bed, anyway, so you might as well ensure that you invest in quality. ViscoSoft is a company that claims to offer products that ensure the attainment of quality sleep by their customers. Read honest reviews of the company here before considering patronizing them.

    About ViscoSoft

    ViscoSoft is a company that manufactures mattresses, toppings and beddings to enhance the sleeping experience of their customers. Established in 2007, the company is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.

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    Products and Services of ViscoSoft

    The company’s products include The React Mattress, the Edge Mattress, Comforters, Sheets and Blankets. Their line of protectors includes the Cold Wire Mattress Protector, Cold Wire Plus Mattress Protector, Active Dry Mattress protector and Micro Cotton Mattress Protector. Toppers like the Response Gel Foam, Select High Density, Serene Latex Hybrid, Serene Hybrid, Active Cooling, Bamboo Quilted, Copper Quilted and Anti-static Quilted mattress toppers and more also offered by ViscoSoft.

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    ViscoSoft is mainly active in the Online Shop category, more specifically with Homeware, Cosmetics & Personal Care.

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