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    Water conservation can be pretty useful. Since it rains quite a lot, the water you have conserved can be used to water your plants on a hot summer day. And it also helps to keep your terrace from flooding when the rain is running down your roof. But where can you find water conservation equipment? One of the companies that offer these water butts is Water Butts Direct. But what kind of quality will their water butts be? How much water can they contain? Will it take long for Water Butts Direct’s delivery service to send the item to your home? And what kind of customer service will this shop provide for its customers? To find out more about Water Butts Direct, you can read reviews left by real customers of this water butts supplier. Their opinions, comments, ratings and experiences can help you to get a better view of Water Butts Direct and their products.

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    Water Butts Direct is a supplier of water butts and other equipment for water conservation. The company is a part of Gutter Mate Ltd. Sister companies of Water Butts Direct are Original Organics and Gutter Mate. They do not aim to sell cheap water butts. Their focus is on providing quality products. These water butts can help you to collect water. Water Butts Direct offers all sorts of water butts. Examples of their assortment are space saving water butts, column water butts, wall mounted water butts, collapsible water buts, barrel water buts, round water butts, flat black water butts, basic standard water butts, rain water butts, water butts with planters, square water butts, elegant water butts, tall water butts, slim water butts and more. So no matter how much space you have or what kind of purpose you need a water butt for, Water Butts Direct has a collection of products for everyone. If you want your water butt to blend well with the rest of your garden, you can choose a water butt with some kind of effect. Think of a tree water butt, for example. Or a rattan water butt, clay water butt, wood water butt, stone water butt, decorative water butt, wooden barrel or beehive water butt. The water butts are available in many colours. And you can get them in several capacities. Their assortment contains brands such as Whitefurze, Gutter Mate, Polytank, 3P Technik, Steward Garden, Original Wall Mounted Company and various others. And they offer accessories like water butt stands, water butt linking kits, water butt cleaners, water butt parts, water butt taps, water but planters and water tanks. Their garden & outdoor section contains irrigation, systems, drain solutions, portable water filters, gutter solutions and watering cans.

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    Water Butts Direct offers a delivery service and customer service.

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    Wooden barrels and decorative water butts is my recent purchase from Water Butts. If someone keep watching their offers some of their collection may be free on purchases
    Rates are pretty good and delivery is safe as some of items get damaged in transit ,so must check when delivered to you.
    One backup team is there for serve us.

    By: Abbas14-11-2018
    Would buy here again

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