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If you need work done around your house of property –or even when you don’t need to but just like to do it – you will need tools and supplies. Westfalia Mail Order offers you all kinds of tools and equipment for plumbing, electronic work, gardening, farming and more. But are they the best place to go to when you are looking for these kind of products? Is this company reliable, dependable and to they offer good customer service? This company claims to be “always useful”, but are they? That is what other customers with hands-on experience might be able to tell you. Read customer reviews from people that have already shopped at Westfalia Mail order before you. Read their reviews with their experiences, opinions and more to find out whether Westalia Mail order is the company you want to go to for these kind of products or not.

About Westfalia Mail Order

Westfalia Mail Order is a company that lets you buy tools, equipment, health products and more online. They sell tools like hand tools, car repair tools, measuring tools, power tools, tools for metalwork, welding tools and tools for woodworking, wood miling, chiselling, deburring, drilling, filing, grinding, sawing, soldering and more. They also sell farming products like farming machine accessories, farmyard accessories, fences and products for keeping poultry, horses, pigs, sheep or other cattle. They also sell electronic tools like cables, electronic components, stuff for electronic installations, measuring technology, soldering, safety technology and warning devices. In their category of car accessories they have car wash, car part maintenance, car protection, security material, robes, straps, tow bars and trailer accessories. Their category gardening contains firewood, products for hedge trimming and pruning, sweeping tools, telescopic garden tools, products for tool maintenance, lawnmowers and more. They also have a household category with lightning, pet care, products for baking, cooking utensils, kitchen aids, kitchen appliances and more. They have a category for clothing and footwear which needs no further explanation and one for health which includes body and hair care, stuff for manicures and pedicures, wellness items, orthopaedic aids, household remedies and more.

Westfalia Mail Order shows its pheumatic impact hammer

Services of Westfalia Mail Order

You can easily order items by creating an account, select the product or products that you want and put it in a basket. They will deliver the items to your home and give you a month to change your mind and send it back. If there are any problems, you can call them via the telephone number that is posted on their website or mail via their email address.

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So what is your opinion about this company for tools and equipment? If you ever bought something at Westfalia Mail Order you might be able (and willing?) to tell us and other potential customers about it. Are you satisfied with the quality of the products? Did something ever went wrong with an order? And what did the customer service of the company do to help you solve it (if they did anything at all, that is). Whether your experience is positive or negative, we would like to know. So leave your review so other people can benefit from it when they are trying to decide whether they want to buy at Westfalia Mail Order or not.

What do customers think about this company for tools and equipment for farming, electronics, gardening, health and more. Find that out via customer reviews

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really nice but do lots better

Westfalia is really awesome especially for me, i don't have time for going out and buy equipment to repair my car. So i use this site for ordering whatever parts or equipment i require while repairing my vehicles. not just that, here i got electrical equipment as well which is damn cool. It's really great for me and saves my time. however i must mention few things, the problem that occurs here is sometimes you receive your parcel late or not on time which can affect if you have urgency. However, i complained about this and also received a mail about they will make this better soon which is appreciated.
I think its really hard to find little things in outside store, and here i can buy whenever i want in good quality,

By: Alexender 07-11-2017
Would buy here again

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