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    A lot of messages are sent via email. Email is a useful way of sending a letter, photo or document that you don’t want to send via regular mail. That does mean that your inbox might be getting full with all those emails piling up. Cleanfox wants to offer you a solution to that problem. But how will this software really work? Will they really rid you of all the abundant emails? Will it be easy to install Cleanfox on your computer? And will the customer service of Cleanfox help you if you accidentally deleted the wrong email or something else did not go according to plan? Only people who already installed Cleanfox can help you to figure this out. Read their reviews to get an idea of what subscribing to Cleanfox is like. Their experiences, ratings, comments and opinions an help you to find out what you can expect from Cleanfox.

    About Cleanfox
    Cleanfox is a software solution. The company was founded by Edouard Nattée He created Cleanfox to put technology at the customers’ service as well as the planet’s service. They want to help you to get rid of all the abundant emails, newsletters and other messages that your inbox shows when you open your email account. This service cleans up your mailbox in no time. You can clean up your Gmail, Hotmail, Live or Outlook inbox. In that way, they can help you to make your email inbox a bit more transparent. But they do more than just clean up the mess. You might think an email is completely free of costs, but this is not the case. Every email newsletter send to you costs a bit of Co2. This is a shame, especially as 80% of these emails are never opened. Via Cleanfox, you can diminish your ecological footprint. Maybe you are afraid of losing important emails that you don’t want to delete. You don’t have to worry about that. Cleanfox never permanently deletes an email. You can always find it in your email trash bin so you can always put it back whenever you want.

    How can you use Cleanfox?

    Services of Cleanfox
    All you have to do to make use of Cleanfox is to download the Cleanfox software solution. You can install Cleanfox on your computer, but there is also an app for your Apple iPhone or Android Smartphone. If you can’t make it work of you discover a bug, you can contact the customer service of Cleanfox to help you out.

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    Do you already clean up your inbox via Cleanfox? Then, we would love to hear everything about your experience with this software solution. How easy was it to download and install the program? Do they really delete all unwanted newsletters in your inbox? Should you really get back the emails that they deleted while you wanted to keep them? And could the customer service department of Cleanfox help you when you had an issue with their software? Write your own Cleanfox review and tell us all about this software solution for email inboxes.

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