If your flight is delayed, that’s annoying enough as it is. Fortunately, there is a chance that you can get compensation for your delayed or cancelled flight. But where can you get this? One company that offers flight compensation is But how does this work? Will you really get at least some of your money back? How easy or difficult will it be to arrange compensation via their website? In what cases will or won’t they give flight compensation? And will their customer service department be willing and able to help you whenever you have some sort of question, complaint or problem regarding their website or services? The only impartial people to elaborate on these matters are the customers that have tried to get compensation from before. Read their reviews to see if they got their compensation or not. Their comments, ratings, opinions and real experiences can help you to investigate if might be able to help you out.

    About is a company that offers compensation for delayed flights. The company was founded by Bart de Jonge. Tom van Bokhoven and Mario Wester, three people from Amsterdam who want to help people get compensation for flights that do not go according to plan. Airline companies often (maybe even mostly) refuse to pay the legal compensation that is the result of a delayed flight. Therefore, wants to help you out by checking if you are entitled to such compensation. But you cannot only get compensation if your flight is delayed. You can also check your flight if the flight is cancelled entirely and you never left the airport (or at least not by plane). And what if your flight does take off but without you because the seats were overbooked? That’s also a situation that your airline company should compensate but often never really does.  lets you check the flight to see if compensation for said flight is in order. Their services are available for both leisure holiday makers and business people flying to a business meeting.

    After all, catching your flight can be stressful enough as it is (Source: Home Alone 2)

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    Checking your flight via is very easy. Just go to their website and enter your flight number and flight date. will then show you whether you are entitled to a compensation or not. They will only ask you a success fee if your claim was successful. also has a customer service available to answer your questions or help you when a problem or technical difficulty shows up.

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    Have you ever checked a flight via If you did so, we would like to know what you think of this company. How easy was it to check your flight via their website? Was could you do with the information they provided you with? Did you win the court case? And how well did’s customer service help you when you needed some assistance? Please write your own review and tell us what you think if this flight check company.

    Did help you to get compensation? Read about this company and their checks for delayed, overbooked or cancelled flights.
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