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    How many old mobile phones do you have lying around? You can have them gathering dust in some cabinet you rarely use, but you can also opt to get some money for them? But who would pay for your old phone? One company that used old mobile phones for recycling purposes is MobileCashMate. But how will this service work? Will they pay you enough to make it worth the effort of mailing them your old device? Will it be easy to sell your phone via their website? And how friendly and helpful is their customer service department if you need their help, advice or assistance? The only people who are entitled to an opinion on these matters are the customers that have sold an old mobile device to MobileCashMate. Read these customers’ honest reviews to see what they have to say about this mobile phone recycler. Their comments, opinions, ratings and experiences can hep you to understand what MobileCashMate is all about.

    About MobileCashMate
    MobileCashMate, or MCM for short, is a company that buys old mobile phones. They call themselves an “established recycling company” and specialise in the safe processing of your old electrical and electronics equipment. Mobile phones are a consumer item. You use them for a year or two and then discard your trusty device to get one that is just a bit better. Your old phone is left forgotten in some kind of drawer or cabinet never to be seen or heard from again. This happens to 20 million phones each year. MobileCashMate wants to buy these mobile phones to recycle them. They work with environmental regulations such as the WEEE Directive. They also hold Waste Management and Waste Transfer licences. They will buy your mobile device no matter which brand it is. So whether you have an Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy or a device from Nokia, Motorola, LG Phones, Sony Ericson, HTC or BlackBerry, MobileCashMate offers to buy and recycle the used mobile phone.

    How MobileCashMate works.

    Services of MobileCashMate
    MobileCashMate offers to buy your old mobile phone. On their website, you can find a search engine that helps you to find the brand and model of your device. They will show you the valuation of your device so you will know how much they are prepared to pay for your old mobile phone. Then, you can request a freepost package and use that to mail them your mobile phone. If you send them an Apple product, don’t forget to deactivate it from your iCloud account. Also, wipe all your personal data. They will repeat the process, but still. Then you are ready to take the package to a local post office and wait for them to pay you.

    Complaints, Compliments and Tips for MobileCashMate
    If you ever send MobileCashMate one of your old mobile devices, we would like to know how that worked out for you. How easy was it to send them your package? Did they indeed pay you the full ‘up to’ price that they promised on their website? And could MobileCashMate’s customer service help you out? Write a review and tell us all about it.

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