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    Plugins allow a website to be improved after it has been designed and even functional. It is a piece of software that contains a collection of functions and instructions that can be added to a WordPress website. Creative Insights is a company that designsplugin specifically to enhance the visibility of websites on the World Wide Web. We can’t say they’ve got you covered for sure, so we suggest you read the comments left here for Creative Insights by their existing customers.

    About Creative Insight
    Creative Insights is a company that produces C.I. Backlinks, an automated internal linking plugin for WordPress that is designed for single domain use and/or multiple domain use, according to the preference of the clients. C.I. Backlinks leverage on the importance of internal links for the optimization of search engines and helping a website to rank better. It was developed in collaboration with Dr Andy Williams after he ran an experiment on ezSEONesw to see how internal ranking can improve his website’s ranking. Please note that many web developers are already aware of the first category of inbound links, the external link that comes from other websites into their pages while paying little heed to the second category, the internal links that exist on your site and links to other pages within the same site. The primary goal of C.I. Backlinks were to create a plugin that would enhance the SEO of a website, allowing visitors a better experience and improving the rankings of the site by giving the search engines what they want.

    Products and Services of Creative Insight
    Creative Insight’s major product is C.I. Backlinks, which has features that allow you to define phrases you want to be hyperlinked to a specific URL, with the chosen phrases ordered according to importance to ensure important phrases are linked preferentially on the web page. Another feature is that C.I. Backlinks allow the inclusion of a title attribute in the links, while other features are to limit the number of times a URL can be linked to from any given page, allow and disallow pages to link to themselves and/or be generated in headings, make an anchor text case sensitive or insensitive. You can also make links non-follow if you so desire, which is very useful for linking to other sites and affiliate products, you can exclude certain posts or pages from the internal linking system to prevent any internal links from being generated by them, provide full matching phrases and define the class of internal links that you want (allowing you to play with the CSS of generated links).

    Compliments, complaints and tips for Creative Insight
    Have you used the product by Creative Insight in the past? Then you are in the best position to tell others about it. Did you find it effective? Was your website ranking improved after the use of C.I. Backlight plugin? Would you recommend it to others? Your candid opinions would help Creative Insights determine better ways to serve you and others. Prospective customers might also find your insights useful.

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