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    Of the various factors that have been instrumental in bringing humanity to this level of advancement in our standard of living today, effective communication is one that cannot be treated any less. The ability of humanity to come together, reason together, and communicate various ideas have been of immense benefit to the whole world at large. Communication is the act of conveying meanings from one entity or group to another through the use of mutually understood signs, symbols, and semantic rules. Communication in its various forms has been a very key part of human history, although communication today is not what it used to be many years ago. While the world is gradually advancing and leaving behind the use of non-verbal communication such as haptics, chronemics, gestures, eye contacts, etc., there has been a lot of development to the forms of verbal communication as we continue to remove the barrier of distance ineffective communication. Written communication which began with the use of pictograph has now metamorphosed into more effective forms such as electronic mailing. E-mail is a means of communication by which messages, known as mail, are exchanged between people using electronic devices. E-mail, which is believed to have been invented in the early 1970s has various types such as web-based email (e.g. Gmail,, yahoo mail, AOL mail), post office protocol 3 email servers, IMAP email servers, MAPI email servers, etc. and it is suitable for both personal and organizational use. The use of email in organizations helps to facilitate logistics by taking away the distance barrier and it is less costly compared to its alternatives such as sending postal mail, telex, and others when communicating to a large number of people. However, the challenge encountered by many of these organizations is the credibility of the email provided by their customers. The commonly accepted solution to this issue is that such an organization makes use of an email verification platform, such as emailchecker, to confirm the existence of an email address. We advise that you keep reading to find previews provided by customers of emailchecker to have a better perspective of their services.

    About emailchecker
    emailchecker is an online email verification platform that also makes use of technological innovation to identify bad email addresses and help their customer from having hard bounces. According to their website, they have a 99 per cent deliverability and have successfully verified over 19 billion email addresses, while successfully preventing about 1.3 million hard bounces.

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    Like every other email verification service, emailchecker extracts the MX records from the email address and connects it with the mail server, thus detecting the reliability of the email address. Although their verification is not always 100 per cent accurate, they promise their customers a quick and effective verification process.

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    emailchecker is mainly active in the Services category, more specifically with Software Solutions, Postal Services.

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