Helpful tips and tricks for office relocation

Helpful tips and tricks for office relocation


Over time, the need to relocate to a new office in the same or a different geographical location may arise. Understand that moving to a bigger, better, and perhaps more suitable office space can be an Augean task.

You may choose to relocate to a new office for a handful of reasons ranging from the need to;

• Be closer to the raw materials needed for manufacturing and production

• Be closer to an uninterrupted source of power supply

• Have a larger space for administrative purposes etc

However, with the right preparations and a few helpful tips as outlined in this article, you are one step away from having a seamless transition from your old office to a comfy new one.

6 Tips To Make Your Office Relocation a Success

The following are helpful tips to have a successful office relocation:

1. Create a Timeline: It is vital to design a timeline or plan that comprises all stages of relocation starting from the point of need for a new space. With a well-mapped timeline, each activity related to the whole moving process will be taken care of in its own time; not before or after. In the end, you will be settled into your new office at just the right time with a good timeline if you and your moving team stick to the activity for each period.

2. Design your new office: Taking your time to design your soon-to-be office space is just as important as all other steps of the moving process. Be sure to source peculiar information about your new office space from the building's layout to architectural designs and blueprints. This information will assist you to come up with personalized ideas and designs for your new space. Note existing problems present on the new office site and what services to employ to have them fixed. If you need to hire companies that use handymen for repairs and fixes, here is a comprehensive list of such companies around you.

3. Create a budget: None of the above plans would work if money is removed from the equation. With finances, planning, designing, moving, and eventually settling in can all be achieved. Create a budget that works for you and stick to the budget. Your budget should include estimated amounts for each and all activities connected to moving to your new office space. Having a budget and sticking to it helps you avoid excessive spending and ensures each need pertaining to your eventual office move is catered for.

4. Organize a moving team: You may decide to make some of your reliable employees part of your moving team or simply hire a moving company depending on how extensive your office move will be. Whoever you decide to use, they will become your extra pair of eyes and your support system as you move to your new office space. If you plan on moving to a fairly large office, employees cut-across various departments in your establishment would suffice as members of your moving team. They can help you identify issues to be resolved that you may not have noticed yourself. It is wise however to hire professional movers as part of your moving team if you have a large firm. This absolves you from the hassles related to moving to a new office space. All you need to do is keep your fingers crossed and supervise them while they get the job done for you.

5. Hold regular meetings with your team: It is not enough to have a moving team at your disposal. Consistent meetings with members of your team will go a long way in helping you have a successful office move and to be on time. During these meetings, pertinent issues concerning the move are to be discussed. Each member is reminded of their roles, ideas are shared, concerns are expressed and if needed, commendation should be given for a job well done by each team member. When this is done, you will observe the significant progress made by your team before and during the move.

6. Create a complete contact list: Your plans to move to your new office are now taking shape and you are moments away from settling in your new space. At this point, you may become so preoccupied with the move that you forget to inform your clients, vendors, neighbors, and others about the change in your business location. To ensure a continuous working relationship with them, it is wise to use word of mouth, adverts on the TV and radio, and social media to inform these individuals long before the move.


As exciting as the prospect of moving to an office sounds, it is not without its challenges. It however can be a seamless one with adequate preparation, planning, and applying the tips provided in this article. Happy moving!

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