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    Life can be so enjoyable if utmost care and planning are correctly done. Nothing happens overnight; it all began from a step and later became millions of steps. If there are influencer people today, those that have the money and power to control the world, they started from a bit, and now, they have megabits. That means the beginning of a long journey is a single step. The hidden truth is that the "single step" determines the story of the millions of steps; whether it will be good news or bad, the "single step" tells all. So, there is a need for professional individuals that can help people to decide, plan, and organize their life toward a better future. My Vitae is a company that has several teachers, mentors, and other professionals that helps people, organization, and others to plan well in life. Can you trust the company's services toward a better future? Well, you have to read their previous customers' assessment here.

    About My Vitae
    My Vitae is a determined company that claims to change the way people plan their careers and life. Career planning should be fun, visual, and actionable and help people all think deeply about their long term goals and aspirations. So, the company claims to have seen that most organizations and individuals struggle with career planning, despite it consistently; being a common area of complaint in employee satisfaction, surveys, and one of the main reasons employees (especially Millennials) leave for new challenges. My Vitae declares its mission that it wants everyone to be able to create a long-lasting legacy for themselves, regardless of circumstances. The company is used by organizations investing in their people. Also, with their “one for one” program, the company extends its platform to schools and individuals that need help building their careers and dreams. The company shows to demonstrate anything possible with a good plan and hard work.

    Products and services of My Vitae
    The company offers services in planning and organizing a smooth career path for individuals, organizations, and other notable fields. The company operates based on "path visualization - where individuals picture their journey, not just the work history and the current state, but also the longer-term goal and the next career step; the assess your skills - shows competencies & compare how to manager rates, and how to add new competencies that the user might need in the future; the share your plan - permits the subscribers to discuss their plan with manager and mentors, so that they can show how they are working towards the next role, the committed, improving, and among the others." The company boast of outstanding teachers, mentors, and professional scholars in various field of life improvements.

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